Monday’s 10

1. Ben turns 9 this week and we had a party for him over the weekend. With temps over 100, I decided it would be fun to let the kids play outside in the water. Water guns. Water slide. Water bombs. I had it in my mind to play some relay games, but it was like herding cats. I retreated to my air conditioned house and just let them play.

2. I’ve been busy in my garden. Karl ate the first ear of corn Saturday night. He let me have a bite. The kernels burst just right when I bit into it and it was perfectly sweet. I’m looking forward to harvesting more when it’s ready. We’ve been able to enjoy a few pieces of okra, and lots of peas, squash and zucchini. Watermelons, so cute when they’re tiny, are growing. I have two tomatoes that are about to turn red. I can’t wait for my first tomato sandwich of the summer!

3. Organic fertilizer smells NASTY!

4. The kids are still swimming every morning. I am enjoying my time by the pool. I haven’t read nearly as much as I anticipated as there are just too many people to talk to. Hannah and Ben participated in their first swim meet over the weekend. H placed 3rd in her heat, and B placed 4th in his.

5. Why do the kids like to take sprayers and water guns to the pool? An even more difficult question to answer: Why do they get upset when someone shoots them with the water gun when they’re already wet?

6. The news is grim these days. I won’t comment on anything in particular because there are enough places online to read commentary without my adding to it. I do wonder how I can best prepare my kids for what, I feel certain, is coming. I have two categories: what I feel certain will happen and what I fear may happen. I won’t write about either of them today. I will share, however, that God has been very kind in helping me fight anxiety and sleep at night. Working my tail off during the day is a great sleep aid. That, and the fact that it’s 107 degrees outside will make anyone want to retire early. Which reminds me…

7. My daily rhythm has totally changed. A few months ago, I would rise around 7:45 and go to bed around midnight or later. Nowadays I’m up well before 7 (sometimes before 6) and ready for sleep around 10:30.

8. These two clips make me smile…

9. I will never ever again ask my child’s dentist to pull a tooth. I took the kids in for a cleaning a few weeks ago. Noah had a very wiggly, ready-to-be-pulled tooth, but he was afraid to pull it himself and would not let either of his parents pull it. So, I asked our pediatric dentist if he’d give it a yank when Noah wasn’t looking. “Sure, no problem. I have to do that all the time.” I watched him pull it out with his fingers. It was nothing! But I got the bill today…$56!! FOR PULLING A TOOTH! Never again. I will hold a kid down, endure the kicking and screaming, overcome my own heebee-jeebies to pull a tooth before I ever pay anyone to do it again.

10. I hope you’re having a happy Monday. Thanks for reading!

3 Comments on “Monday’s 10

  1. Can't believe you were charged $56 for that! I would have a hard time facing the dentist again without saying something…I can be a bit too cheeky for my own good.I don't get the squirt gun thing either….my kids are the exact same way. I haven't read any news in a LONG time…if I stick my head in the sand will it go away? As you know, God is still on His throne Obama or no Obama.


  2. Sounds like you are enjoying the summer to the full! My mouth just waters when you talk about all your vegetables! 🙂


  3. 1) Happy Birthday, Ben!2) Yum. I dream and plan gardens, but planting and watering are another thing all together.9)That is sooo lame.


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