Derek Webb and his new album

It’s called Stockholm Syndrome and it was supposed to be released last month. If you follow DWebb on facebook or twitter or his email list or what used to be his website, then you know that he didn’t release his album. Instead, he has embarked on a marketing campaign which sends his fans on a wild goose chase/nation-wide scavenger hunt to find “artifacts” and “stems” and wave files of clips of his new music. I’ve been following it all on twitter. The song clips are all mixed up; you have to put them in order; the names of the wave files make a sentence. There are dozens of them! It’s confusing as all-get-out to me.

I love his music but I just don’t have time for this. I can see me now: “Hurry up kids. I just figured out the next clue! We have to hurry over to a little coffee house on the west side of a dead end street in Fayette to find the zip drive before someone else!” Or, “No, I can’t start dinner yet. I’m almost finished arranging these files so that I can listen to this song. I’ve been working on it for three hours!”

Somehow I don’t think my family will appreciate that.

I googled “Stockholm Syndrome Derek Webb” and found some young whipper-snappers who are really enjoying this little quest for his music. One is Ethan Demme. He’s compiled everything to date on his blog. Follow his instructions and you’ll be able to listen to two songs from Stockholm Syndrome. As usual, Derek Webb has created some great music and thoughtful lyrics, but I’ll just keep reading along (and following on twitter) and wait for the album to drop.

(By the way, Ethan Demme is a home school grad and takes care of the marketing for Math-U-See. If you home school, then you may be interested in reading/subscribing to his blog.)

2 Comments on “Derek Webb and his new album

  1. So, I stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to say… I love it! Looking forward to your future blog posts! God Bless.


  2. I'm also confused and amused and watching from a distance. I love Derek and his music and have seen him live 4 or 5 times, so I am highly anticipating his new release. I too just don't have time to play along.Great blog, by the way!


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