Celebrate Independence Day!

All this week I’ve thought about today and how I want to mark it. Every year of my short life, July 4th has included ribs, homemade ice cream, colorful jell-oes, cakes, pies, fireworks, and music. This year, however, I have considered spending the day mourning the current state of the union and praying for God’s mercy on our nation.

When it comes to our future, I’m a giant ball of negativity. And because of where I think we’re headed, I just don’t feel much like celebrating.

On the other hand, the fact that the Declaration of Independence was written and sent, that brave men fought and died for our independence, and that millions of people have found refuge within our borders for hundreds of years are things worth celebrating TODAY.

I am going to read the Declaration to my children today. I’m also going to read this fine speech to my children. I may even read the Bill of Rights. And we’re going to pray for our countrymen.

THEN, we will celebrate by the lake, eat meat that has been cooked on a grill, watch fireworks, and have fun.

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