Fun on the Black Warrior River

After a late breakfast, we headed out to spend the afternoon with my dad. He has been wanting to take the kids out on the river for quite a while now. We’ve already had to reschedule our little outing because of the weather last week, so today was our last chance to do this before we start school.

I’ve been looking forward to our trip; it’s been far too many years since I’ve taken a trip down the Black Warrior. As a child, I spent countless weekends on the water with my family and all of our friends. My parents had a boat, several of their closest friends had boats, and we played on the water nearly every weekend of every summer. From Friday afternoon to Sunday night, we lived on the water at a sandbar or at our camp house. Those are some of my favorite childhood memories.

Those must be some of Dad’s favorite memories, too, because he’s been begging me to bring his grandkids down. He doesn’t own a boat anymore, but he has friends who do. And if there’s one thing that’s certain in this world (besides death and taxes) it’s that people who own boats LOVE to take them out on the water.

We put in at Lock 5 and rode down the river to the Demopolis Yacht Basin. After a few minutes of riding, Hannah shouted, “I love boats! I love the river!” In fact, they all loved the boat and the water. No one showed even an ounce of fear. And I loved it that they loved it; I enjoyed their enjoyment!

We had plans to eat lunch at the Yacht Basin, but the restaurant had just closed for the afternoon. It was a good thing we stopped because a little thunder storm came up while we were there. After the rain passed, we headed back up the river for some fun on a sandbar and to let the kids try tubing.

Hannah, my bird lover, pointed out the different kinds of heron and kingfisher she saw. Her bird recognition skills are amazing to me. We also saw about 30 turtles. I think her favorite part about being on the water is that it gets her close to nature. That’s one of the things I love about it, too.

I think my boys were more impressed with the speed of the boat.

This was my children’s first time on a boat, first experience with life preservers, first opportunity to ski, first time to swim in a river. Their facial expressions really show it, too.


Fun on the Black Warrior River from Lux_Venit on Vimeo.

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  1. I'm so glad that you had fun! It looks like a blast!Janet


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