Hair Care Reform

I think it’s high time the government got involved in regulating our hair care. I mean, have you noticed how much it costs to get a cut these days? A couple of weeks ago, I took my sons to the barber shop and it cost me $13 for ONE hair cut!

To get my daughters’ hair done costs a lot more than it does for my boys. Why is that? Why does it cost more just because they have more hair? Discrimination? Sexism at its finest! It’s ridiculous! No, its outrageous! A cut is a cut!

The wait to get hair care is ridiculous. When I call to make an appointment, I can’t get in the same day. Sometimes I have to wait for up to a week, sometimes two weeks before my hair care provider can see me. Even when I have an appointment, I have to wait for sometimes half-an-hour before I’m put in the chair.

If I am having an emergency, then I can just forget about it. There’s no way I’m getting in to see my hair care provider. I could risk it and go to a walk-in place, but this is my hair we’re talking about!

And don’t get me started on the filth in hair care establishments. Combs and brushes litter the counter space. Hair is left on the floor to be scattered all over the room. Globs of shampoo, mousse, gel, color chemicals and conditioners are left where they land. It’s disgusting!

And the sinks are used by everyone! My hair is washed in the same basin with the same hands using the same products as everyone else who came before me that day. Ew. The same equipment (brushes, scissors, curling irons, etc.) is used on everyone the hair care provider sees that day. Yuck!

Salons and shops are dangerous, too. The plugs are crowded with the cords of dryers, curling irons, flattening irons, and electric shavers. The barbers leave them strewn about and too close to water sources, if you ask me. It’s a hazard! Someone could get hurt!

The standards to become a “barber” or “cosmetologist” are just too relaxed. All one has to do is spend about six weeks in a trade school, then they’re awarded their very own pair of scissors which they use to cut hair. And where is hair? On our heads. Yes, these “experts” are allowed to use sharp, metal shears near ears, eyeballs, and BRAINS. Most people who work near or on those body parts spend at least a decade in post-graduate education! Clearly, these hair care providers need supervision.

Chemists do not even do with chemicals what cosmetologists do. The only safety precautions are thin rubber gloves, cotton balls, and shower caps. What a shame!

Not only are “cosmetologists” encouraged to cut hair for exorbitant prices, they encourage their customers to spend ungodly amounts of money on designer hair products. How many times have you been told by your hair care provider that your hair needs extra moisturizing shampoo? Or a special cleanser to maintain your color? Or that your scalp is dry and in need of a “medicated” shampoo? “The generics you can get at the grocery store just won’t help,” they say. Who or what governing body gives them the authority to prescribe hair treatments? Well, right now, there isn’t one.

And do they encourage you to get a second opinion? NO! Your hair care provider expects you to trust his or her judgment because you have a “relationship.” Riiiiggghht. This is my hair we’re talking about, and you’re going to deny my right to get a second opinion. I don’t think so.

Hair care providers will try to encourage you to let them do more services on your body, too. “Do you need anything else today?” they nonchalantly ask. But you can see the hunger in their eyes; they want to hurt you. How many times have you gone in for a cut only to come out with your cut plus a wash and style, an eyebrow wax, and a manicure? How does it happen? I don’t know, but it happens to innocent women every day. And it is torture. They promise beautiful results, but all we get is pain. Waxing results in redness and swelling of the skin, which can last for hours after the procedure.

This is the moral evil of our times.

As your provider shuffles you to the payment counter, other hair care providers complement your new look. Other customers smile, but you can see the fear in their eyes. Your head feels lighter; you know something must be wrong. But the whispers from your hair care provider reassure you that you’re going to be able to do so much with this new style. “It’s going to be so easy,” she promises.

“You want to go ahead and schedule your next appointment in five weeks?” she asks. Do you need a follow-up appointment? Is it really necessary? “You don’t want this new look to get too out of shape,” she tempts you. What about customer rights? Can’t you refuse service? What about that second opinion? What to do?!

If you have a hair care horror story, please share it in the comments. Something must be done before it’s too late.

8 Comments on “Hair Care Reform

  1. And what about the times that your stylist is on vacation or maternity leave. Since she doesn't share your secret color recipe with anyone else, you're stuck with grown out roots until she decides to come back–whenever that might be.We've tackled the boys and hair cut issue through a clandestine every 3 weeks buzz cut in the basement. But don't tell anyone, I don't want to get taxed for choosing to provide my own hair care.


  2. I take my boys to the barber, $9 each.My hair care horror story involves highlights gone desperately wrong…to the tune of NEON ORANGE. Yep, had my phone not been dead I would have totally had her take my picture before applying a nice shade of brown.I hear ya, sister. Preach on.


  3. So funny! But I want to see pictures.I've opted out of the system, and am going natural (read grey). My mom cuts my hair straight across the back. It saves me hundres of dollars.


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