Something down

I got up this morning and punched out an awesome post about how the White House is putting cookies into all of our computers every time we visit a .gov site. (And I visited several in the last couple of weeks.) These cookies keep tabs on all the sites we visit, our user names and passwords, and the things we buy online. Sickening, no? The government already has our neighbors turning us in for spreading “disinformation” about the democrat’s health care bill, why not watch our every online move? I pretty much went-off about how this violates the first amendment and privacy laws, but I lost my internet connection and my post wasn’t saved. *insert sarcasm* I just hate that because you know, based on the many apologies delivered here, how I love an opportunity to regret blogging. */sarcasm* Now, several hours later, I’m feeling much more calm.

President Obama is going to do what President Obama wants to do, and he won’t care a hill o’beans what I have to say about it.

Plus, I’m working on fully embracing life as a sojourner in this world. I’ve known and believed for a long time the teaching that we are to live as aliens while we’re here, but all the national upheaval has really hammered it into my reality. This country is not my home. And when I take the time to really think it through, my spirit, mind, and emotions are completely freed up.

UPDATE: I just read Irish Calvinist’s post today about being sojourners. It’s worth reading.

We did our morning block of school. Now we’re taking our lunch break. I figured I could have a few moments to jot something down. Here’s a picture of Abbey learning about congruent shapes:

By George, I think she’s got it!

4 Comments on “Something down

  1. I worked up a post that didn't make the publish button either 😉 but it was at my choosing. Even harder when the computer behaves badly.


  2. Thanks for pointing out the link at Irish Calvinist. It was excellent!


  3. That's funny but not really to you, I guess. I sure do hate I missed one of your rants, though! 🙂


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