If the US nationalizes health care, where will Canadians go?

I’m just kidding. Kind of.

Whether you’re Canadian or American, John Stossel has me thinking that we’re all going to wish we were dogs.

(HT: Doug Wilson)

3 Comments on “If the US nationalizes health care, where will Canadians go?

  1. To my regular doctor :D!Seriously, there is A LOT of fear mongering going on in the US media and this piece is a prime example. Don't even get me started on the uproar here over Shona Holmes' false claims being broadcast all over your country. What Obama is proposing is nowhere near what we enjoy here and it's completely unfair to compare our system or the UK's to that. It's like comparing tomato sauce to wine. It's ridiculous to even try!Last Nov, we had the "joy" of experiencing your medical system. The care was no better than here. In fact, it was far more invasive and complicated because of insurance and liability issues. That experience made me very, very grateful to live in Canada.I don't think Obama's plan is a great solution but I am dead set against a capitalistic system, especially after our experience in Miami. Awful. Praise God our insurance covered 100% of the $12,000.00 bill.


  2. Interesting piece, but as with all media, it is highlighting what the piece needs to put forth its views. The samples from people in Canada are not the majority.My son had a neck injury and was given a referral to a specialist THE NEXT DAY. He was also give access to the CT Scan that day in the neurologist's office with very little notice to the radiology staff.My parents live close to the US-Canada border, and their friend did indeed seek the use of an MRI because he didn't want to wait. He was a wealthy man. The average Canadian, unless she is having quadruplets (always a newsworthy event) cannot afford to go to your country for health care. The men Stossel mentioned, the one from Spain and the Arab gentleman? They had the money.I understand the American public's desire not to have a system foisted upon them; I would not like that, either. But I really wish journalists would stop making Canada seem like the back of beyond. This is my country. It's not perfect, but I have not seen any other perfect countries anywhere.


  3. I agree: most of what we're seeing and hearing from the right and left re: health care in the US is fear-mongering. The only thing I am certain of is that I do not place an ounce of faith in our government to do the right thing. I'm afraid that whatever they determine to do won't be done well. And the whole world knows we can't pay for it. I do appreciate your personal experiences and opinions. You give me hope that a nationalized system may not be all bad.


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