I’m a Simple Woman

For today, September 15, 2009

Outside my window…it’s very cloudy today and probably will rain.

I am thinking…about our school day: how it’s going, where I need to focus with each child.

I am thankful for…the privilege of teaching my children at home.

From the learning rooms…I am trying hard to stay organized, but just missing one day of putting everything back from whence it came begins the downward spiral leading to terrible clutter and paper everywhere.  We cleaned everything up yesterday, and Mommy can breathe again.

From the kitchen…my table is covered with a table cloth for the second day in a row.  Until I make the time to sand and refinish it, I hope to keep it covered.  It was my grandmother’s table, so I don’t want to just throw it out and get a new one, but it needs a lot of TLC as my four children have not been very kind to it over the years.

I am wearing…a red knit shirt, blue jeans, sneakers and a smile.

I am creating…this post.

I am going…to pray with the women of my church tonight, Lord willing.  To pull this off, I will have to prepare dinner in advance, which is sometimes difficult to do.  For instance, I am thinking, “I need to put that chicken in the crockpot.”  But I am typing.  So, when I get up in a few minutes, I need to remember to put the chicken in the crockpot.  But, more than likely, I’ll start doing something else, start teaching our afternoon block, and forget about the chicken.  And then I’ll miss the prayer meeting because I didn’t start dinner six hours ago.  Oh, hang on.  I’ll be right back…
Ok, chicken is in the pot with some fresh basil.

I am reading…among other things, The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas.

I am hoping…yes, I hope.

I am hearing…the kids coloring their little art project.

Around the house…I am so grateful that my husband does the laundry.

One of my favorite things…walking outside to pick our food, washing it, cooking it, and eating it.  It’s the best!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Well, I can’t say that I have any real plans other than to do what we do every day: read a lot of books with the kids, write some stuff, go to church, cook, eat, sleep, love on some special folks, send a few cards, buy a baby gift or two for babies about to make their debut…it’s all good.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…

I picked these up early yesterday morning from the basement of our local newspaper’s offices. These are just a few of the left over rolls from the printing of yesterday’s paper; there are dozens of these every single day! The printers just give it away. We’re going to turn it into art! One person’s trash…

5 Comments on “I’m a Simple Woman

  1. Foarte interesat subiectul postat de tine, m-am uitat pe blogul tau si imi place ce am vazu am sa mai revin cu siguranta.O zi buna!


  2. What on earth is going on up there? Love this post … haven't commented in a while but I always read :)What a great deal with the paper!Glad you got your chicken in the pot. Have a wonderful evening with the ladies!


  3. Kim, a person living in Romania visited and left a comment. He or she says, "Very interesting topic posted by you, I looked on the blog and I like what I saw I will definitely come back.Good day!" And I replied, "Thank you and God bless you!" Neat-o, huh? I used an online translator to help me.


  4. I laughed out loud when I read this because I should be putting chicken in my crockpot for dinner tonight but instead I am reading your blog….too funny.Off to pot my chicken :o)


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