(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Boy Scout Camp

Whippersnapper Wednesday

This past weekend, I accompanied our sons to boy scout camp. These were our quarters: A canvas tent on a raised, wooden platform. I was very happy to learn that we would not be sleeping on the ground. But our neighbors were only 2 or 3 feet away from us.

This is Noah’s cot. He wanted to sleep in the middle. The tents were only supposed to house two people, but the 3 of us squeezed in there.  And, yes, that’s our toilet paper supply for the weekend.  The tents were “closed” by ties.  Noah insisted that I tie our tent shut; he was afraid to sleep with the doors untied.  I didn’t dare explain that cloth ties would not keep out anything that wanted to get in. The ties DID, however, cause a little panic and frustration when Ben got up to go to the “bathroom.” 

Before turning in, Ben remarked, “I wish I had brought a book to read.”  Lucky for them they have me for a mother!  I brought two books: my small Bible (this one) and The Count of Monte Cristo.  They were both so relieved to know I had my Bible, which I thought was odd.  Then Noah said, “Read that out loud, it’ll make me feel better.”  (He didn’t want to admit that he was a little scared.) So, I read two stories, and he was asleep before I finished the second one.
Ben’s cot. During the night, I shined my light on my boys to see how they were sleeping. I had to kill two spiders that were climbing on Noah’s sleeping bag.  *ew & shivers*

My cot. Notice the water dripping down the side of the tent? I didn’t unroll my sleeping bag until moments before I climbed into it.

Around 2 a.m. I thought I’d try sleeping on my left side. This is what I saw…

the ground.  So I decided to stay on my back.

I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of the “bathroom.”  It was a treat!  All kidding aside, the boys and I had a really fun time together at camp.  I’m not opposed to doing it again (for their sakes).  But I prefer our family tent.  And my air mattress.  And my fan.  And hearing only one man snoring.   If they want to do summer camp, then I’ll see if I can sleep in our van.  After all, I am not a boy scout.

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  1. The only reason I ever camped as an adult was for my kids. It took me a while to realize I really don't like "roughing it" :0)


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