Scouting, a battery and a pumpkin

Friday evening was kind of weird, and I’m going to tell you all about it.  (Yes, my creativity level is so low right now that, rather than just write about Friday night, I just wrote that I’m going to write about Friday night).

Our children are involved in scouting. Right now is fund raiser time, so both the boy scout pack and the girl scout troop are working on selling candies and popcorn and magazines to raise money for their groups. H, B, N and A have had a healthy, little competition to see which group can outsell the other. From my view in the driver’s seat, it’s been fun to watch my children overcome their fears of knocking on doors and talking to adults. I’m convinced that boys will do anything for a marshmallow shooter.

Karl and I decided to let the kids do some selling Friday evening before all the local football games. I changed into something a little more comfortable (a Bama sweatshirt and gray pajama pants with snowflakes). We sat in the van and kept our eyes on the kids while they went door-to-door. It wasn’t too bad of a way to spend an afternoon. Anyway, on the last street, Karl decided to turn off the engine and listen to the CD player. We sat there maybe 10 minutes. He certainly didn’t think enough time had passed for the charge in the van battery to get so low, but it did. It was about 6:30 and beginning to get dark. So, I grabbed my keys, hopped out of the van, and started jogging toward home. We were about 2 miles away. I had to get home, grab Karl’s car keys, and drive over to the van so Karl could use his car to jump off the van. In my pajamas.

I think I ended up with the better end of the deal. Karl looked a little batty after spending half an hour in the van with four very talkative children.

Our original plan included picking out our pumpkin, but all of the kids were at the ’emergency’ stage of needing to go to the bathroom. Karl took the kids home, and I went to the pumpkin patch.

One of the local Baptist churches sells pumpkins every year to help fund their missions trips. They sell hundreds of pumpkins! And their tent is decorated with photographs and stories from their trips. It’s pretty neat and it takes the edge off spending so much for a pumpkin.

This afternoon (it’s Sunday now) we discussed what we wanted our pumpkin to look like this year: Karl didn’t really have a preference, I wanted it to be happy, the girls wanted it to look really cool, and the boys wanted something very scary. In the end, Karl and I decided on the Headless Horseman. Everyone is pleased with the result.

headless horseman
The only question I have now is, what am I going to do with all that pumpkin meat?

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