Status Update the bed.  Benjamin made a little too much noise when he went to the bathroom a little while ago.  Now I’m awake.  It’s close to alarm-clock time anyway.

Drinking…nothing at the moment, but I’m looking forward to the coffee pot.  I want to buy one of those fancy pots that I can set to start brewing at a certain time.  I have high hopes of beginning my day just like a 1980’s Folger’s House commercial.

Thinking…about the children in Haiti.  Can’t stop.  Compassion reported that they have found many of their children.  Most, if not all of them, sustained a loss and/or injury.  Compassion volunteers know for certain that some of their children died.

Wanting…to do more to help.

Anticipating….LOST Season 6.  I hope I enjoy the ending of the best show of all time.

Anticipating 2…the Democrat’s response to Brown’s big win in Massachusetts.  I threw my hands up (as if to signal a touchdown) and did my happy dance.  Lord willing, those old farts (on both sides) in Congress are going to take huge losses in November and be replaced by some young, fearless conservatives.  That’ll be change I can believe in.

Dreading….I have to clean the shower today.

Reading…I’m in a race to finish Don Quixote before February.  Why?  Because I don’t want to be reading DQ in February.  Still reading The Institutes, and will be for a while.  Still sticking to my Bible reading plan.  Still reading Let the Nations Be Glad!.  Finished reading Choosing Gratitude and Redemption Accomplished and Applied.

Writing…a review for Choosing Gratitude, an article for HOTM Online, poems (it’s difficult, but worth the effort), and this blog.

Learning…more about the publishing process.  It appears that something called a platform is needed these days.  Dealing with fear.

Planning…the day in my head.  I’m getting up now.  Gonna grind my coffee and start reading, writing, and praying.  Then, I’ll get the kids up.  Feed them.  Unload, reload the dishwasher.  Start school.  Lunch.  More school.  Chores (maybe I’ll actually do mine today –> scrub the shower).  Church tonight.  Dinner…

Wishing…I had remembered to take the chicken breasts out of the freezer yesterday.

One Comment on “Status Update

  1. I love these posts. Gives an inside peek :o)

    I don’t like scrubbing the shower either….I find ways to avoid it till it starts to bug me and then I do it.

    Me, I’m writing Kitchen, Living Room, Library (I’ll have one of these in my new house), Homeschool Room on boxes all day long. Atleast I’m writing something.
    I am realizing that most all my boxes are labeled homeschool room…..I think we need to weed out some things. LOL!

    Look forward to wall to wall book cases even though the room is small. I imagine a good cup of coffee, comfy chair and staring at all my books in one room. I sound like I dork (addict) but I will actually do this. :o)


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