Is it just me?

Or do you also feel the need to get your house in order, get rid of your excess, and spend the rest of your lifetime pouring yourself out? Serving and rescuing those in poverty? Sharing the gospel?

During my high school and college years I was a very active community volunteer. I won a college scholarship based on my personal mission statement to serve my community through a church organization that I planned to organize, for cryin’ out loud!!

(I know this looks like it’s coming out of left field. I have stuck to writing about books and it’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything this personal).

I’ve wondered lately what happened to that girl. Then I remember that she got married and had a bunch of babies. There is a time and season for everything, and I realize now that my season of caring for my babies has ended. I don’t have babies anymore. I have big kids who can serve alongside me, whom I can train to serve.

The last thing I want to do is raise four people who will waste their lives pursuing a dying dream, a self-centered lifestyle that won’t last and won’t satisfy.

It’s not “just me.” So, I’ve just gotta know if there are any other moms out there who know what I’m talking about?

7 Comments on “Is it just me?

  1. ABSOLUTELY. I have told my husband more than once here in the past few days that I want to just sell it all and go serve and help somewhere…like Haiti. Of course, he looks at me a bit bleary eyed like I’m CRAZY.

    I just feel the urgent need to DO. SOMETHING. NOW.



  2. I have been thinking the same things lately. I still do have a baby but my oldest is almost 10. How is she learning to serve and give to her community. There is much to learn at home caring for a family but there is a whole world out there.
    I was on the mission field full time for 6 years….it was my passion and I loved it. Where has that women gone?
    Anyway I hear ya and i have some plans in motion for us as a family and some things to explore with my church but I really should be packing boxes. But let’s keep dialoguing.


    • I would love to hear more about what you’re thinking of doing with your family. Let’s share ideas!


  3. I understand your sentiments, & am excited for the stirrings in your heart! Although the local needs in my church & community are so great, there are so many broken lives and desperate situations right in my block. I know this is my call right now, although I am also extremely drawn to use my time during naps to support our missionaries in prayer and correspondence. I love your desire to show your children that a life lived for itself pales compared to a life lived for Christ & others. “All things done for self will pass, all things done for Christ will last!”


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