Thanks Giving Over the Weekend

Friday night, a few friends and their children joined us at our house for some Bible study and fellowship. I’m so very thankful for these people.

Saturday, Karl did all of the laundry.  Need I say more?

Sunday, we survived a very busy day.  It wasn’t so much the running to-and-fro that threatened to undo me, it was my children’s bickering.  They are beyond the daily napping years, but the fussing became so unbearable to me that I had to send them away.  After lunch I banished them to their beds for some downtime.  My girls fell asleep; Hannah rested with her copy of Anne of Green Gables opened on her cheek. But my sons were anti-rest.  That is, until an hour later when I went into their room and told them it was time to go.  That’s when Noah decided he was ready to take a nap.  Because they didn’t rest at all, the boys were very irritable and rude the rest of the day.  I had to sit between them during church, Noah eventually fell asleep during the sermon, and I had send them to bed early after dinner, which they did not appreciate because they wanted to watch a movie (our usual family thing after church Sunday nights).

Are their dispositions any better today?  My daughters are delightful as ever.  Noah seems to be feeling refreshed this morning.  But Benjamin is ill.  He came out of his room wearing a scowl.  I should have thought about it yesterday, but his allergies must be bothering him.  His nose is stuffy (again). I don’t excuse his behavior because of allergies, but they certainly do not help his attitude.  I hope the rain today washes away whatever is in the air that is bothering him.  He’s not going to appreciate my prescription for what ails him — a nasal rinse and his cocktail of allergy & asthma meds.  Poor kid.

SO, today I am giving thanks for God’s common grace shown in modern-day medicines.  I am thankful that my medicine cabinet is full right now.  And I’ll pray specifically that they’ll work for B today.  A hot cup of tea and honey will likely help him feel better, too.  I’m not yet thankful for asthma.

I’m thankful for the rain.  I’m thankful for my cup of DD Vanilla Nut.

It’s the little things.

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