Thanks Giving — Day 19

The company for which my husband works pays big bucks for a box, seats, and tickets at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  (Their sales dept. uses the football to smooze their clients and associates).    Late yesterday afternoon, Karl sent me a message indicating that the company had some football tickets available (because Bama played Georgia State last night) for anyone who wanted them, but there were only 2 left.  This meant that I’d have to find someone to keep my girls (late into the night, I might add) and decide which son would attend the game with me.  The latter was the hard part.

As soon as I said, “There are only 2 tickets,” Benjamin quickly responded, “Me and Noah!”  He didn’t care a lick if an adult was with him or not; only I cared about that part.

Seconds later the phone rang.  It was Karl’s cousin MEGA.  She had two tickets available: one that M (Karl’s brother) wanted and one for Karl, if he wanted it.  Well, Karl was about 800 miles away at the time, so it was geographically impossible for him to take advantage.  But M, being the fabulous uncle he is, was happy to take one of his nephews with him.

This meant that I only had to listen to crying and pick-me-pick-me-pick-me for about five seconds.

But tickets aren’t the only reason for this thanks giving post.  I had about 1 hour to feed everyone, drop the girls off with one of my bffs, meet up with M, and pick up my tickets at the company tailgate on The Quad.

The traffic moved at a steady clip (simply amazing in Tuscaloosa before a kickoff), the lights were all greens, we found parking near the stadium for $10…..the whole sequence of events was one blessing after another.  We had perfect, 50-yard line seats.  (Gasp — I sound like Joel Osteen!)  Everything was a total gift from God.  It’s like He said, “SURPRISE!  You guys have fun.”

Roll your eyes at me if you want to, call me shallow, but today I’m giving thanks for free football tickets, a best friend who loves my kids and will take care of them until 11pm, green lights, free food, good parking spaces, and a sweet memory with my boys.

(I took pictures with my phone, but the page for the driver download is unavailable.  Just imagine a handsome boy wearing a huge smile, and a beautiful, crimson-filled stadium for a backdrop.)

4 Comments on “Thanks Giving — Day 19

  1. I don’t think you shallow at all! I believe God loves His children and it delights Him to bless His own with such things as green lights, football tickets and so forth. So glad you were able to spend that time with your boys!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!


  2. I love when things work out perfectly like that. And since God controls tickets and traffic and stoplights and all those things, it’d be downright ungrateful not to thank him for them!


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