Compassion International & Public Speaking (a prayer request)

I’m working on my second year as an advocate for children through Compassion International.  As an advocate, my main responsibilities are to find sponsors for children who are living in poverty and to give sponsors an opportunity to be involved in a life-changing relationship.

I have an opportunity tomorrow morning to share Compassion’s ministry with a small group. I’m writing today to ask you to pray for me,  my audience, and the children I will represent.

Nowadays when speaking in public, I tend to become quite nervous and talk too fast.  The irony is that when I was in high school, I did a lot of public speaking (I was on the Debate/Drama team).  I even won a couple of awards in original oratory category!  I guess I’m just out of practice.

Funny story: In the classroom, our teacher would often have us practice our events.  One day, as we practiced extemporaneous speaking, our teacher gave me the topic “euthanasia.”  I had just a few minutes to compose a speech and present it.  So, I jotted down a few points and stood in front of the class.   I gave the best speech evah (I’m sure) about young people living in Asia and the kinds of things they like to do outside of school and whatnot.

I remember Ms. C smiled.  “You did very well, Leslie,” she said, “but I said, ‘euthanasia,’ which is the practice of ending someone’s life when it seems medically impossible for him or her to recover, not youth in Asia.  One word.  Not three.”

So.  I would appreciate your prayers!

Also, if you’re interested in sponsoring a child, I just found out that Compassion has reopened Haiti for sponsorships!!!

6 Comments on “Compassion International & Public Speaking (a prayer request)

  1. Youth in Asia! Ah, that is classic!
    I will certainly pray for you. I am going into my second year as a advocate. Last year, when I spoke to my church, I was very nervous but I thought I pulled it off. After the service, one man came up to me and said, “I could hear your knees knocking together from the back row! Gosh, your face was white as a sheet!” Hmmm, helpful!
    Wishing you the very best!


  2. Love the Youth in Asia story. I speak publicly twice a week with my teaching. It can be absolutely nerve-wracking. Right before I speak I always pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to anoint me for that moment and for those words. It is a sweet moment of peace and confidence that He gives right before I have to open my mouth. I’ll pray this for you as well.

    BTW, love your new look. Quite professional.


    • Thank you so much, Elle! (for the prayers & the compliment — WordPress has some very nice free themes)


  3. Hi Leslie!
    The youth in asia story made me laugh out loud! Will say a prayer for you as you speak for such an important cause. Happy 2011 to you!


  4. Youth in Asia–that’s funny!

    I think I’m probably tardy (you’ve already spoken, I assume?) so I will pray that the Lord will grant you peace of mind and that you would rest in Him and not worry over what you said or didn’t. I used to dread the mornings after I taught Bible study because my perfectionism would kick in overdrive and I would drive myself CRAZY worrying and nitpicking over every word I said. Trusting in His sufficiency and realizing IT’S NOT UP TO ME bring freedom!


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