An Artsy Day

Hannah is passionate and creative. She searches for various of fabrics and makes clothes for her dolls. She dirties her hands in clay and sculpts birds. She sits at our piano and composes songs. She opens rusty cans of paint and splashes their contents on her canvas. Her creativity inspires.

I felt like letting her creative juices run freely today.

Deciding to join in the fun were Ben, Noah, Abbey, and a toad. After about 5 minutes, my nervous breakdown began, and I had to put an end to all four kids flinging paint in my carport. On the bright side, I now have four perfectly vibrant Wiggins’ originals which I will hang somewhere in my house.

(click on an image to view full-size gallery)

4 Comments on “An Artsy Day

  1. Love all the work (and the frog)! At first I thought that she listened to music and painted has it played, like, she painted the tone of the music! I was gonna say I has to do a project like that once for class.

    However, I have always desired to learn to play an instrument, especially the guitar or piano.


    • I did consider putting a radio outside for them. By the time I thought of that, however, the two younger kids were turning something pleasant into a paint disaster, and I had to shut it down. :/ Hannah was satisfied with what she had accomplished by then, though, so it was good.


    • It hopped through Benjamin’s painting. He was kind of upset about it until he decided that the toad tracks were pretty cool.


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