Favorite Find at the Southern Women’s Show (Giveaway)

Saturday, my girls and I visited the Southern Women’s Show in Birmingham.

Yes, you read that correctly. Not typically something I would do even when offered free tickets, but I figured my girls would enjoy seeing the exhibits, taking advantage of the free samples, and spending the day without their brothers. I was so right on that last point. We had a fun afternoon together.

Southern girls love chocolate milk and sparkly things,

Black eyed peas and collard greens,

(they were delicious)

Free lip-gloss

and teeth whitening

Most random thing:

But my favorite was Lilla Rose’s Flexi Clip.

The Lilla Rose booth was the first to catch my eye because I recognized the name and because I remembered liking their products when I visited the website earlier this year. The only reason I didn’t make an online purchase is because I wasn’t sure which size flexi clip would be best for my girls’ hair. Also, I’m not very good with hair, much less putting a “thing” in hair. Even though the videos promise they’re easy to use, I feared buying something I’d never use because of my uncanny ability to make easy hair-things difficult.

Joeann was happy to size us.

She was very friendly. I learned that she’s a homeschool mom, which banished any doubt I had about buying a hair-thing right then and there. You can see a few of her kids helping in the back.

This is Abbey getting her hair done in the tails-up style. The Lilla Rose site has several helpful video tutorials. It only took her about 15 seconds to do it.

It turns out that a small clip worked for us. I’m glad I didn’t order online. I would have assumed that my girls would need a medium clip because their hair is so long and thick.

The next picture shows the hair-thing my girls liked best. Hannah is wearing it in the half-up style.

It’s called Princess Tiara.

Not only are they lovely, they do not slide out of our very straight hair. Each clip has three adjustment levels you can choose depending on how tight you want it to hold your hair.

The best thing to me is how easy they are to use. My youngest has mastered the clip quicker than she did using ponytail holders.

When we got home, the girls and I did some more window shopping on the website. Don’t tell them, but I’m planning on buying them for Christmas gifts. So that I wouldn’t forget which ones were their favorites, I pinned them to my Hair board on Pinterest. This one is Hannah’s favorite:

Abbey’s favorites have dangles.

My favs:


I’m not receiving anything in return for plugging the hair-things (or the Southern Women’s Show). I just REALLY like the hair clips and want to share them with you. It’s been a very long time since I’ve given anything away, so I’ve decided to give away 1 small flexi-8 clip to two of my blog readers as a thanks for reading (and for checking my page for updates when I don’t blog for three weeks).

I’ll be ordering from Joeann. We homeschool moms got to stick together, right?

To enter the drawing, take a look around the Lilla Rose store, then fill in the form below telling me which small flexi-8 clip you’d like to win. I know I have several overseas readers, but, due to shipping costs, I’m going to have to limit winning to one who lives within the contiguous US.

If you’re left-handed and like a flexi clip with dangles, Lilla Rose will put the pin on the opposite side for you.

I’ll randomly generate two winners and announce them next Monday, Oct. 17.

BUT WAIT…Joeann is offering more ways to win Lilla Rose clips. Click here to find out!


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