A Growing Passion for God’s Word

Also mentioned in this video: The Simeon Trust {website} and The Gospel Coalition {website}.

I am still undecided about my attending this conference. It would require quite a chunk of change (for traveling expenses, not the conference itself) that I do not feel comfortable spending on myself. I could raise the money, but, then again, I’m not sure I’d want to spend it all on a trip for myself. I mean, $1000 will go a long way if I don’t spend it on plane tickets and a hotel room. Nevertheless, I am glad that it’s being offered and I hope it is well-attended. Perhaps, the next one will be held at a venue closer to my location.

One Comment on “A Growing Passion for God’s Word

  1. I just commented on Lisa’s post, same topic. A friend and I are trying to work out the details of going. Same offer: if you decide to go, then we’ll share a room to help cut costs for all of us.


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