Our fall camping trip

After a month of planning and changing plans and planning again, we finally took our family’s fall camping trip. Our friends the Hollingsworths went with us again.

When Ben wasn’t playing, he was reading our Calvin & Hobbes collection.

Indeed it is a magical world.

At the last minute, we changed our camping location plans. I am so glad we did. The fall colors around Deerlick Creek Park this time of year are stunning.While I walked around the park, the kids played on the playground.

I love cooking outside over a fire.  Even tasks like washing dishes are more enjoyable to me when performing them outside.

The colors make me so happy.

I hope you don’t tire too easily of seeing pictures of leaves. I won’t share all of them, but I have a few hundred.

2 Comments on “Our fall camping trip

  1. Just keep on sharing them; they are beautiful and I specially LOVE to see them because in Mexico City we don’t have those!


  2. I do not tire of pictures of fall leaves. Ever. Though there was those years we lived in Texas and my mom, homesick for some autumn color, would prop pictures of the gorgeous foliage from back home in Alabama and I was like 12 in those pics and let’s just say it was not a pretty stage for me and I would DIE every time she pulled those things out…

    I too love a fire!!!


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