November Giveaway!

My friends April and Jonathan are in the midst of adopting a child from Ethiopia. They have completed their home study and are beginning the long wait for a referral.

I remember the first time April mentioned adoption. Jill (another close friend), April, and I were walking across the bridge that spans the river between downtown Northport and downtown Tuscaloosa, just talking about life and faith, when April said, “Y’all might think this is crazy, but I’ve always wanted to adopt.”

We talked about adoption: the reasons, the realities, the roadblocks. “I just can’t convince Jonathan to do it,” she said. Then, we commiserated about our inability to convince our husbands to do things we wanted to do, even the good things.

So, we devised a holy plan. April promised not to nag Jonathan about adoption, while Jill and I promised to pray that God would put adoption in Jonathan’s heart. If it was in God’s plan for them, then, how exciting would it be for us to pray for it and sit back and watch God do it?

And in a matter of weeks, April called. “You are not going to believe this. Jonathan brought up adoption. On his own. I haven’t said anything about it.” We rejoiced together that God was answering our prayers.

It has been so awesome to see adoption become their shared passion.

April and Jonathan are committed to living debt-free. April, however, felt like an adoption was one of the things on her short list of good reasons to go into debt. Jonathan did not share that feeling. He believed that if God wanted them to adopt, then God would provide the money to do it. We had something else to pray for.

That was a few years ago.

Unbeknownst to April or Jonathan, other people in our church also had adoption on their hearts. They believed it was important for our church to establish a fund for couples desiring to grow their family through adoption. The elders approved. Each month, a small amount of money was/is being deposited into this account. April and Jonathan will be able to use these funds.

April has also been working hard to raise money through fund-raisers, too. Our church hosted a yard sale and spaghetti dinner. She has designed and sold t-shirts, coffee, handmade ornaments and dolls, photoshop templates, and jewelry (check out her Etsy shop). She has also donated proceeds from photography specials to the fund (check out her photos – she’s quite talented).

It has been a blessing to be a part of their journey, even if mostly through prayer. God has proven to me that He is behind this adoption. Today, they only lack about $5,000. I’m appealing to my blog readers to help them blow the lid off the little thermometer on her blog’s right sidebar. April made this pair of earrings from paper beads made by women in Uganda. One of my readers will win them.

To enter to win, visit April’s blog and leave a comment on this post. If you order a necklace (shipping is free until Black Friday), you get your name entered twice.

Winner will be announced on Black Friday.

Thanks, y’all!

4 Comments on “November Giveaway!

  1. Is this the friend who made the cross ornaments last year? I ordered one & I love it. Is she making more?


  2. Too late to enter the giveaway but I looked this post up because I wanted to visit your friend’s site and hopefully purchase some Christmas gifts!


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