December Update

Life is swiftly moving and carrying me with it. It didn’t even stop for me to get over a nasty cold/flu spell. “Not feeling well? Can’t keep up the pace?” she asked. “Well, too bad, Sister!” And she kept moving right along.

I had to miss out on a couple of big events: a family get-together and the first of a few Christmas activities at church. It is nice to know that people missed me, but I wish that I could have been there to make some memories.

Instead of making memories, I constructed a cave of covers and pillows and stayed in it for five days. I made a mountain out of Kleenex. I created a collage of Hall’s wrappers. I slept the sleep of stuffy-headed angels. When I couldn’t sleep, I read your blogs status updates, played Angry Birds, and watched sappy movies.

Karl and the kids took excellent care of me. They brought food, drinks, and medicine when I called for them. Karl made special trips to the store when I thought of something I wanted/needed.

I’m beginning to feel better. To celebrate my return to health, I’m going to bombard you with pictures I’ve taken this month.

First up, our Christmas card photo:


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