Our very own Miss Gulch

She drove up, not on a bicycle, but behind the wheel of a white Honda Odyssey.

“Your cat has been sneaking into my basement and pooping on my towels,” Ms. V complained. “If I can ever catch her, I’m going to call the Humane Society to come and get her.”

Well, there really wasn’t any point in protesting that kind of logic. Karl wholeheartedly sympathized with Ms. V’s predicament. He wouldn’t hesitate to euthanize any animal leaving stinkies in his house, either. What we didn’t understand right away was how our little Buster was getting into her basement.

“I open to door to let in some fresh air and sunlight for my plants, you see,” Ms. V explained. “And your cat will come in and lay on the bed and poop on the rug. It scares me to death — she’s so skittish and wild-looking. How does your cat even know where my house is?”

“Well, cats just wander around the neighborhood,” Karl said. “I assure you she’s had her shots and she’s harmless. I’m very sorry and we’ll see to it that Buster doesn’t bother you anymore.”

Ms. V drove away leaving a very sad 12-year-old girl in her wake.

Hannah has loved Buster from the moment that cat was born. It sure was the cutest kitten (the middle one) in the litter.

Below is a more recent picture of Buster enjoying a little scratching behind her ear.

We decided the best thing to do would be to send Buster to the country. Hannah’s best friend lives at least 20 minutes outside of town, and her grandfather (who lives nearby) agreed to let Buster live in his barn in exchange for her skills hunting mice and other vermin. I think it will be perfect for the cat.

Ms. V will be relieved.

Hannah’s heart, however, is breaking over having to say goodbye to her first pet. She takes some small consolation in knowing that Buster will be safe and happy (free to poop anywhere she likes!) and that she can visit her any time. But she is really going to miss her furry friend.

9 Comments on “Our very own Miss Gulch

  1. I’m so sorry! This hardly seems fair, though. 😦 If the lady’s door is open, she’s probably lucky nothing worse than a cat is walking in her house. Though I wonder why he’s pooping on her rug?


    • I’m sorry, too, for Hannah’s sake. I don’t think it’d be such a big deal if 1) Buster were more friendly to people outside our household, and 2) she didn’t poop in her house. I have no idea why she’s doing that and am at a loss for how to make her stop.


  2. Comfort to Hannah. Even if you r neighbor doesn’t understand the graciousness of Hannah and your family to relocate your darling pet – God does. Bless you all. Buster is just darling.


  3. Does Miss Gulch know for sure that it is your cat????? Maybe you should find her the costume and bicycle and place it on that rug…..just kidding. 🙂

    At least Buster will be taken care of and Hannah can visit. 😦

    Mean ol’ Miss Gulch.


    • Oh, yeah. No doubt about which cat is the trouble-maker. She described Buster perfectly. It is a little crazy since she lives two streets over; I had no idea Buster traveled that far around the ‘hood.


  4. Poor Hannah! And poor Mrs. Gulch too–cat poop on the rug is NO fun for anybody! No easy solutions for anyone involved but I’m glad that Hannah will able to visit her kitty.


  5. So so so sorry. We had to find a new home for our cats before we moved and I remember well how it made my girls feel, particularly my second daughter. So sorry for Hannah. I’m guessing the new arrangement means she’ll get to see Buster occasionally? Not the same at all, but maybe a sort of consolation?


    • Yes, she’ll get to see Buster when she visits her friend’s house. Hannah is feeling much better about the arrangement today.


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