A short blog housekeeping note

I decided to start a facebook page for the blog.

I realized that I have some facebook friends who I really do not know, but who requested “friend” status because they read my blog. Now, these poor, innocent people are subjected to all manner of my random status updates and Ron Paul videos when the only thing they really wanted was a notification when I posted something new to the blog.

I have some friends (like the ones from from pre-school through college) who want to know what’s going on in my life, but don’t really care for my blog at all. This option allows us to remain friends without your having to receive updates intended for blog-readers.

I also have family (and possibly some close friends) who want to know about everything me and my little family are up to each day. They want to know everything from, “Taking Abbey to the eye doctor for a check-up,” to “TOUCHDOWN BAMA!” They may or may not care to read the blog. If you’re in this category and want to escape my Ron Paul videos and political commentary…unfortunately, I can’t help you. You’ll have to tweak your own facebook settings.

Creating an Alabamenagerie facebook page gives you some options, though. I’m not going to unfriend anyone. But, if you aren’t interested in EVERYTHING from my keyboard, then you can hide my personal updates (or unfriend me) and only subscribe to the blog page.

3 Comments on “A short blog housekeeping note

  1. All the talk about Ron Paul videos and politics makes me want to be a friend on your personal page! 😉


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