Bracing for braces

Abbey had her second official visit with the orthodontist today. This is what my baby looks like before she begins the long journey to straight teeth.

The first step is to give the doctor a good impression of her teeth. They call this “casting.” All of this is so new to me. If you already know all of this, I apologize.

See all the writing on the walls around Abbey? On the day she has her braces removed, she’ll get to write her message on the wall, too.

Five years. FIVE. YEARS. Here we go…


Next week, the real fun will begin.



9 thoughts on “Bracing for braces

  1. Our son had braces. It was a cool $6,000 when we were done. The major problem they were fixing was a serious crossbite and spacing issues. The spacing issues on the front resolved nicely, but we were disappointed with how quickly things shifted once he had the braces removed. He had a permanent wire that has broken twice since he had them off eighteen months ago. He refuses to have it put back on because it’s so inconvenient for a 20 year old to make time for orthodontic appointments when he’s in college.


    1. Abbey has some spacing issues. There just isn’t enough room for all of her permanent teeth. I can think of a few people who’ve said that their teeth shifted back after their braces were removed. Don’t you wish you could get your money back? That would be nice.


  2. Casting is still nasty even though braces are more user-friendly than when I was a kid. My daughter had braces for 2 years and faithfully wears her retainers every night.


    1. No, she isn’t quite ready for braces, though they are in her future (Lord willing). There isn’t room for her permanent teeth right now, so she’s getting the spacers.


  3. Is this Dr. Bryant’s office? That is who did Paige’s braces and we LOVE him and his staff! They are incredible. Paige had her for about 18 months I think and it is amazing the difference in the before and after. We had space issues as well as palate (sp) issues. Now she has retainers which she wears religously ever night. Thank goodness. Good luck to her and you!!


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