For my mental health

I went camping again with my boy scout a couple of weekends ago. It may seem strange to many, but living outside, breathing fresh air for about 48 hours helps to refresh my mind and spirit.

Karl once purchased a spa day for my birthday. I would feel bad for never using my gift were it not for the spa being bought by another salon before the expiration date on my gift certificate. The new owners declined to honor the previous salon owner’s gift certificates. Besides, I feel more than a little weird about having a stranger (even a professional one) rubbing all over my body. How is that relaxing? Instead of afternoons at the spa, he gives me camping trips.

Just a couple of nights beside one of these


under these


walking among these


and finding beauty like this


does me a world of good.


3 Comments on “For my mental health

  1. I’d always chose camping over a spa day. And I’m really, really jealous of your spring weather.


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