Answering Your Questions, Part 2

Back in January, I opened the blog “floor” for questions so that I’d have some topics to write about in the future. One question was about my kids: What is one recent something your children have done that shows evidence of God’s grace in their lives? Great question, but kind of difficult to answer.

Now that my littles aren’t so little anymore, I hesitate to write about them very much. Some of the parenting issues I’m facing in this season are private and shouldn’t be published on the internet. On the other hand, this question gives me an opportunity to praise good behavior and praise God for His grace. So here goes.

I don’t know if this is normal mom behavior, but I’m always thinking about, praying for, and watching for glimpses of what God might be up to in my kids’ hearts. Like most moms, I probably put too much pressure on myself to do everything right, thus causing an overload of guilt when I see more sin than I’d like in my myself and my kids. We are still sinning against one another on a daily basis, but at the same time I can see change taking place, too.

For instance, I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I would be taking the kids out for some exercise. The Parks and Recreation Authority in Tuscaloosa offers a variety of activities at their facilities. The only problem, for lack of a better word, is that no one facility offers ALL things. For instance, one park has tennis courts, but it doesn’t have an indoor pool. The facility boasting the indoor pool and walking track doesn’t have anywhere to play tennis.

I have four children who enjoy different activities. Some of them really enjoy tennis (even though we all really stink at it). One of them LOVES to swim laps. Two love basketball. One loves volleyball. No one wants to jog or walk a trail with Mom.

To attempt to make everyone equally happy and sweaty, I try to give equal time at different parks. It’s no big deal, really, because the park with tennis isn’t far from the park with the indoor pool. So, we walked one mile and stretched, played tennis for an hour, then drove a couple of miles down the road to swim laps for another hour.

Here’s the point: NO ONE COMPLAINED when we weren’t doing his or her chosen activity. If one didn’t want to participate, then he or she sat quietly and waited for an hour for the rest of us to finish. God is growing our patience with one another.

On the other hand, tennis is revealing that I need to pray harder for more love and kindness in our words when someone sends the tennis ball soaring over the fence.

Did I mention we stink at tennis? It looks so simple on television.

One Comment on “Answering Your Questions, Part 2

  1. I completely agree with you about not talking about our kids now that they are older. I’m the same way these days. I’ll let them tell their own stories from here on out, for the most part. 🙂 Enjoyed catching up on your blawg!


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