Our Weekend

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Yes, I have resorted to writing about our weekend. My how this mighty blogger has fallen.

Friday…hmmm….what happened Friday? I think I wrote a blog post about our Student Life trip to Atlanta.

Nope, that was yesterday. Goodness! I am struggling to remember anything significant about Friday. Karl worked from home, which is always a good thing.

Oh! Our local geocaching club got together for our monthly lunch meet-up. Our club is called Crimson Tide Cachers Association. We meet twice a month over lunch or dinner to talk about hiding caches, finding caches, ideas for caches, challenging caches, favorite caches, all things caching. Karl and I are enjoying getting to know these folks.

After the lunch, of course, we went caching. We didn’t venture far beyond our lunch spot, finding the few caches hidden on “testosterone hill.” It’s called that because the only stores on this hill are a hunting/outdoors retailer and a truck detailing outfitter.

Once home again, we did a bunch of chores and made sure the boys were ready for their camping trip this weekend.

Saturday morning, I had to get the boys up early to meet their scout troop for a short camping weekend. They were going to be learning important leadership skills, the responsibilities for their positions in the troop, and planning their trips for the year. After I dropped them off, I went home and slept for two more hours.

Karl and I ate a quick lunch, then headed out to camp to do our parts for the scouts. Karl led a discussion about decision-making, and I organized a little game to test their communication abilities.

After scouts, we went…can you guess? Geocaching.

We found a handful of caches along a road in Brookwood. We were excited about one particular cache because, once found, we were supposed to leave a note with our favorite song lyric. Karl, being a music lover, wanted to read the other lyrics left by previous cachers. Much to his dismay, we couldn’t find the cache. Either our gps was way off, or the cache was missing.

We moved on down the road to the next cache. We found a few along that same road, and Karl placed two caches in his “Beatles #1s” series.

Before we could go home, though, Karl had to search for one particular cache that had been eluding him for months. He had been out to search for this one three times, but never could find the cache. He talked to the cache owner, CO, to get some help about its location. We drove to the GZ (ground zero — where the coordinates put us) and started looking. Turns out, he was looking in the wrong place. The RIGHT place, however, was inhabited by wasps. Big ones.

Never deterred, Karl used a tree branch to poke out the nest and fight away the pests. I watched him dart back and forth from the wasps from the safety of my minivan.

This is just one of the those things I never envisioned when I looked into his eyes on our wedding day.

He eventually put his hands on the cache, and we got out of there.

Then began a whole different kind of caching — finding groceries at the grocery store. We spent about an hour planning our meals for the next week and buying food. We didn’t buy ANY sweets or junk foods! Yay, us!

We made it home, unloaded groceries, put away groceries (which meant cleaning a few things out of the refrigerator), and started cooking. The girls and I prepared salad, shrimp, wild rice, and fresh green beans. After dinner, we spent the evening reading. Karl worked on writing more of his book. We were in bed by 11.

Don’t be jealous of this exciting lifestyle.

Sunday morning, we had to go back out to the scout camp to participate in the calendar planning session and pick up the boys. Our scouts decided on some really fun trips for this year, and I am excited about another year of scouting.

We cleaned up, left camp, and headed toward Karl’s grandmother’s house where we were meeting his parents because his mom had purchased new clothes for Hannah. After Hannah tried on her clothes, we sat around Mima’s table and listened to the boys talk about the last 24 hours. They had some funny tales to share about cooking dinner with the troop, Noah’s sleeping arrangements in relation to the fly trap, and the games they played.

For dinner, they played a version of Food Network’s Chopped. They were given specific ingredients they had to use and a pantry of items they could use if they wanted to. Somehow, they made an appetizing entree with ham, rice, coke zero, beans, onions, and peppers. The coke zero was an ingredient, not a beverage.

I’m glad I ate at home.

We left Mima’s to go….can you guess? Yes, GEOCACHING!

Karl wanted to try to find Song Lyrics one more time. We made it back to the GZ and fanned out. My gps was jumping all over the place, so it wasn’t that much help. But I knew it wasn’t where I had looked the day before, so I decided to go the opposite direction. And that’s when I saw it! It was a neat little, camouflaged box hidden under several pine sticks. We signed the log and hopped back in the van. We found a few more caches before deciding we were ready to go home. It had already been a long day, and we were all hot, sweaty, tired, and hungry.

We got home and queued for the showers. We ate dinner (spaghetti), did our chores, and watched an episode of Endeavor. Well, some watched Endeavor. Abbey wanted to play cards, so I played “Go, Fish!” and “Blackjack” with her since she wasn’t interested in watching the show.

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I had an interesting theological conversation with a close friend on facebook. It’s one of those conversations that is best conducted in person. I hope we’ll get to do that soon. Basically, the conversation was about the Christian’s relationship with the Law. How much/what parts of the OT Law/observances/feasts does God want us to observe after one has come to faith in Christ? How much of that still applies? What parts are past? What parts are future? Etc.

I’d love to read about what you did this weekend (was your weekend more exciting than mine? (it wouldn’t take much)) AND/OR your opinions regarding Christians and the OT Law. Comments are open for your thoughts and links!

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  1. I am glad to see you posting! And I like reading what you did for the weekend. Maybe my cynicism is showing but sometimes I tire of reading only instruction and critiques–is this what good blogging become? A nice chat is a welcome change of pace in my opinion! As for my weekend, I spent it dispensing pain meds and helping my husband navigate from bed to wheelchair and back to bed again. But it’s getting easier every day! The Lord is good; we require only time and patience and He is gracious to grant both.


    • Hey! Thanks for commenting. I know you hate that Randy is hurting, but he’s so blessed to have you taking care of him. Hope he recovers fully and quickly!


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