The Wiggins go to Six Flags


Back in the fall of 2012, I signed my elementary school students up for the Six Flags Read to Succeed program. All they had to do was read any books of their choice totaling 6 hours over the course of four or five months in order to be rewarded free tickets to Six Flags. Easy!

I learned that even though these children, my children, had never been to Six Flags (with the exception of Hannah), they will do whatever it takes to earn tickets. They had just a tiny glimmer of understanding what Six Flags could be thanks to the traveling mall parking lot carnival.

They read their hours. They earned their tickets. And today was the big day. Their cousins also earned tickets from their schools, so we made it a family trip (with the help of generous grandparents). I could kick myself for not getting another group shot of everyone who as with us.

I am pretty exhausted, so I’m only going to share a few of the iPhone photos I took today.

I refused to ride, but it was Hannah’s favorite.


She and Abbey are the ones waving their arms. Let’s zoom in.


Benjamin is behind them (in the green shirt).

These swings were more my speed and height from the ground.


If you look carefully at the last pic, you can see Abbey and Joshua up in the air!

sixflags crime wave Leslie Wiggins Photography

We had a super-fun day together! I’m even open to going again next year.


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