Birthday Cache

DSC_2753When Abbey turned 10, our Aunt Terry had the fantastic idea of hiding Abbey’s gift like a multistage geocache. Prior to arriving at the party, Aunt Terry and Uncle Richard hid an item and a clue at stage 1. The final stage, the gift, was hidden in our backyard.

Abbey opened a card which she assumed would contain birthday cash. Instead, she found coordinates to stage 1 of her birthday cache.DSC_2781Abbey entered the coordinates into her dad’s smartphone and followed the gps to the end of our street where she found a camouflaged envelope containing more instructions and a key.


She entered the next set of coordinates and followed the gps to the final stage of her birthday cache…DSC_2794

where she found a treasure chest which contained several items she LOVED.

DSC_2810Abbey still says that was her most favorite cache ever.

Hiding gifts is something we’ve done one other time. Karl and I hid the kids’ valentines in a nearby park this past Valentine’s Day. We got up early and snuck out of the house to hide their gifts without them knowing what we were up to. Then, later in the day, we pretended we were all going to go geocaching (as usual). It was a fun way to surprise them.

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