Geocaching Podcasts and YouTubers

I listen to several podcasts during the week on all kinds of topics. Listening certainly helps to pass the time in the carpool line or when I have to wash dishes. I was subscribed to several geocaching podcasts a few months ago, but over the summer I decided that I could only subscribe to one. It didn’t take too long for one podcast to rise to the top.

podcacher-headerPodcacher with Sonny and Sandy is my favorite geocaching podcast. They are informative and entertaining. Plus, Sandy offers a woman’s perspective on the activity. They include letters and messages from their listeners, highlighting geocaching milestones and cool stories.

Here’s what they say on their “About” page:

“The PodCacher Podcast was born in July 2005, as Sonny and Sandy started recording literally sitting on the couch and passing a microphone back and forth. They never dreamed it would grow to become the largest and most internationally-recognized audio show in the world about the quirky and fun outdoor hobby called Geocaching. PodCacher has been a featured podcast in Apple iTunes for the last 6+ years and has been nominated 4 times as a “Best Produced Podcast” by the Podcast Awards.”

Listening is great, but sometimes it’s fun to watch a cacher search for, find, or hide an interesting cache. That’s where YouTube comes in. There are 2 cachers in particular who make fun geocaching videos.

1. The Geocaching Doc

2. The Geocaching Vlogger

And there you have it! My favorite podcast and my favorite geocaching vloggers. If you know of others I may enjoy, let me know in the comments.

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