The Golden Ammo Can

Our local caching community is the Crimson Tide Cachers Association. Someone in CTCA will schedule an Event Cache for all kinds of reasons. We enjoy getting together for a little pep rally over lunch the Fridays before Bama’s home games. When life isn’t revolving around the local college football team, someone hosts the monthly CTCA Night Out or the CTCA Lunch. Mia87 hosts the Kaffeeklatsch where we drink coffee and talk. And yet another cacher will host the Caching Christmas Party.

In addition to the usual events, CTCA likes to celebrate its members geocaching achievements and milestones. The first major milestone is the geocacher’s 1000th find. Karl and I reached this one back in the spring.

Members of CTCA planned an event for us at the restaurant of our choice. Then, the local caching crew joined us for a meal and to shower us with geocaching goodies. They gave us new containers to hide and TOTT to find caches. They also gave us travel bugs to set loose. And all of those goodies were put into our golden ammo cans.


Yes, the tradition is to gift the cacher with a gold spraypainted ammo can. Cool, huh? I assume other geocacher associations do something similar for their local cachers. (If you do something different, please share in the comments. I want to know about it!)

We have also celebrated 10,000 finds for other local cachers. I wonder if we’d celebrate for 5,000.

A new milestone is on the horizon for CTCA — number of hides. We’ve not celebrated this one before because no one else in our state has ever done it. One cacher in our group has hidden 1,000 geocaches! He’s everyone’s favorite because he keeps hiding interesting containers for us to find. Of course, his celebration will include a large golden ammo can filled with all kinds of geocaching goodness.

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