31-days-button[So what if I was supposed to write the 31 Days of Geocaching in the month of October 2014! Maybe life got a little busy. It’s my blog and I will fill in my 31 days when I want to. Ha!]

This is geo-art:

3geo-art star geo-art

As you can see, geo-art is the arrangement of cache-icons on the map so that they create a certain design. The star and the 3 are in Alabama, but you can find geo-art all over the world. Check these out:

Here’s what it looks like when you find all the caches in a geo-art series:batman geo-art

This past weekend, we had a blast solving the puzzles and finding the caches hidden in the Batman series. These caches took us to a beautiful bit of countryside in Clay, Alabama. What kind of geo-art do you have in your state/country?

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