52 Hikes: #2 Falling Rock Falls

Falling Rock Falls is a 90ft waterfall located in the Cahaba River Wildlife Management Area near Alabaster, AL. The trail to the falls is short with very little change in elevation. In fact, most of the trail is on a gravel road. After close to half a mile, the trail diverts into the woods and to the falls.

hike tracks on topographic map
landscape along the trail showing clear, blue sky and flat terrain
trail into the woods
top of the waterfall showing water flowing along the rocks
very edge of the waterfall over the cliff
view of waterfall from the trail down to the base of the canyon

There is a rocky trail down into the canyon to the base of the falls where you can explore inside the massive rock overhang.

under the overhand behind the waterfall
under the rock overhang behind the waterfall
front view of the waterfall

Because I had a few hours of daylight left, I decided to explore the canyon for a little. I found a second smaller waterfall around the bend. I spent the rest of my time hanging out and reading a book.

me hanging in my hammock with the waterfall in the background
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