Post #2 – a status update

in which I attempt blog-resuscitation

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I’ve noticed a great many complaints these days since the Super Bowl and its commercials aired. “The commercials weren’t very good this year.” “None of them really stood out to me.” “The commercials are lame this year.” Really, y’all? They’re commercials. Why have such high expectations for commercials? Even more, be disappointed over something important.

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Late night blogging

It’s Friday night. It’s late. I’ve been working on various documents and a book for one of my clients most of the day today. I’ve seen more than my fair share of different fonts. As I logged in to begin a post, I noticed that the font I used for my header looks almost exactly […]

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A 15-Minute post

I want to write/blog consistently this year. For me, that means publishing a little something every single day. I know that if I give myself the slightest bit of slack, I’ll let two weeks pass without posting something. I have 12 minutes remaining in this 24-hour cycle and nothing on my mind to share. I’ve […]

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