Post #2 – a status update

in which I attempt blog-resuscitation

I just noticed that I have only posted once to this blog for all of 2016. Like many of my fellow blogging friends of the early 2000’s, I find myself asking, “Should I renew my domain for one more year or let this die?”

Considering that I was a daily blogger for SO MANY YEARS, it makes me sad that I haven’t made time for writing. A lot has changed. I guess, in the midst of the changes, I just didn’t want to write and hit publish at the end of the day.

Sitting…at what used to be our school table. Now it’s just a table. I’m not sad about it.


ReadingEverything We Keep: A Novel by Kerry Lonsdale. It was suggested by my kindle, so I borrowed it. Right now I’m just getting dragged on by suspense at the end of each chapter. So far, so good.

Preparing…for the holidays. I’ve done my shopping. I’m almost finished with the wrapping. The kids are counting down the days until exams are finished and school is out. Then the fun can begin.

Thinking…about whether or not it’s safe to return to facebook. Yes, I deactivated after the election. I have learned that I get along better with others when I don’t know what they think about every.little.thing. Plus, who needs to know what 480 people think about a thing? Not me.

General mood…roll tide.

That’s enough for now. I’ve got laundry to do.


I’ve noticed a great many complaints these days since the Super Bowl and its commercials aired.

“The commercials weren’t very good this year.”

“None of them really stood out to me.”

“The commercials are lame this year.”

Really, y’all? They’re commercials. Why have such high expectations for commercials? Even more, be disappointed over something important.

Late night blogging

It’s Friday night. It’s late. I’ve been working on various documents and a book for one of my clients most of the day today. I’ve seen more than my fair share of different fonts.

As I logged in to begin a post, I noticed that the font I used for my header looks almost exactly like an old Marlboro’s logo. Have any of you ever noticed that?!

Now that I recognize it, this bothers me. As I am learning more and more about design and pleasing typography, I think about little things like, “what is this font conveying?” Do any of you crave nicotine when you visit my blog? Oh, I kid! But rest assured that I am not trying to subliminally encourage anyone to light up and begin their downward spiral to cancer and emphysema.

I think I’ll go to bed now.




A 15-Minute post

I want to write/blog consistently this year. For me, that means publishing a little something every single day. I know that if I give myself the slightest bit of slack, I’ll let two weeks pass without posting something.

I have 12 minutes remaining in this 24-hour cycle and nothing on my mind to share.

I’ve written and deleted, written and deleted for the last three minutes. I’m beginning to panic.

Highlight of the day: cooking with Abbey

Low-point of the day: having to sit everyone down this afternoon so that they could talk about why they were upset with one another and to give everyone an opportunity apologize for all the day’s hurts. We had a good discussion about knowing when we’re treating another person badly because someone else hurt our feelings, and being understanding when someone hurts us because someone else hurt him or her. That doesn’t make a ton of sense, but I’m out of time.



“Don’t be hasty” — Treebeard, a wise Ent

During his sermon Sunday morning my pastor quoted Mark Driscoll. And the question occurred to me, what if someone listening to him for the first time assumed things about him and our church based on one phrase: “Mark Driscoll said…”

Many of the popular “watch-blogs” would assume certain things about my pastor simply because he quoted the oftentimes (though not as bad as a few years ago) crass and lewd Driscoll. Instead of talking to him first, or listening to the whole sermon and the quote in context, or investigating his leadership, they would jump to the conclusion that he is an imitator of the man he quoted. Then, they would make assumptions about the people filling the pews. Next thing you know we’re labeled heretics and a synagogue of Satan.

Have you seen the blogs I’m referring to? The ones with headlines like: (Name of pastor) shares pulpit with (Name of pastor): Slippery slope to apostasy? Or what about, (Name of pastor) references (Name of monk) in new book: Church headed toward mysticism? The assumptions that annoy me the most are the ones that are separated by several degrees. They go like this: Minister A quotes Minister B who was at the event with Minister C who was in that video with Minister D that promoted praying with your hands in your lap. OH NOES! RUN AWAY!

I’m a careful person when it comes to scripture and theology and truth vs. error, but that logic is kind of ridiculous. Not only that, but it’s more like gossip than discernment.

It reminds me of one of my favorite movie scenes:

Right now some of you are assuming things about me because in the title of this post I quote a mythical creature which was created by a man who practiced Catholicism and who was also a close friend of C.S. Lewis who wrote about tree spirits and universal salvation. Or maybe you’re sizing me up based on my use of a clip from Monty Python which was produced by HandMade Films which also made Life of Brian and was funded by George Harrison who was in the most famous rock band ever and met the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who teaches transcendental meditation. Well, don’t be silly: Of course, I like rabbits.