A 15-Minute post

I want to write/blog consistently this year. For me, that means publishing a little something every single day. I know that if I give myself the slightest bit of slack, I’ll let two weeks pass without posting something.

I have 12 minutes remaining in this 24-hour cycle and nothing on my mind to share.

I’ve written and deleted, written and deleted for the last three minutes. I’m beginning to panic.

Highlight of the day: cooking with Abbey

Low-point of the day: having to sit everyone down this afternoon so that they could talk about why they were upset with one another and to give everyone an opportunity apologize for all the day’s hurts. We had a good discussion about knowing when we’re treating another person badly because someone else hurt our feelings, and being understanding when someone hurts us because someone else hurt him or her. That doesn’t make a ton of sense, but I’m out of time.



One Comment on “A 15-Minute post

  1. I completely understand being too worn down at the end of the day to share much of anything, but I was encouraged by what you did share! I know we’re in different stages of parenting, but being a mom now and growing up with 3 brothers I can imagine what some days are like. In the light of a fresh new morning I’m reminded that the hard conversations produce good fruit later on. I hope today is a good day in the Wiggins’ household.


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