a post not representing perfection

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Poetry: Roald Dahl (again)

*As I was searching through my drafts pile, I found this old post from June 2011. That’s TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN. I have no idea why I didn’t post it. Here goes: The kids and I are still reading a bit of Vile Verses every morning. They are a tad bit morbid.  We either laugh our […]

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Reading and waiting (updated)

Monday through Thursday afternoons, Abbey attends a band class at a local Christian school in which she is learning to play the flute. I am thankful for the local schools allowing homeschoolers to participate in some of their extracurricular activities. While I wait for her class to let out, I read. I usually bring a […]

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Quote of the Week

“Now was I as one awaked out of some troublesome sleep and dream; and listening to this heavenly sentence, I was as if I had heard it thus expounded to me: Sinner, thou thinkest, that because they sins and infirmities, I cannot save thy soul; but behold My Son is by me, and upon Him […]

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