Post #2 – a status update

in which I attempt blog-resuscitation

I just noticed that I have only posted once to this blog for all of 2016. Like many of my fellow blogging friends of the early 2000’s, I find myself asking, “Should I renew my domain for one more year or let this die?”

Considering that I was a daily blogger for SO MANY YEARS, it makes me sad that I haven’t made time for writing. A lot has changed. I guess, in the midst of the changes, I just didn’t want to write and hit publish at the end of the day.

Sitting…at what used to be our school table. Now it’s just a table. I’m not sad about it.


ReadingEverything We Keep: A Novel by Kerry Lonsdale. It was suggested by my kindle, so I borrowed it. Right now I’m just getting dragged on by suspense at the end of each chapter. So far, so good.

Preparing…for the holidays. I’ve done my shopping. I’m almost finished with the wrapping. The kids are counting down the days until exams are finished and school is out. Then the fun can begin.

Thinking…about whether or not it’s safe to return to facebook. Yes, I deactivated after the election. I have learned that I get along better with others when I don’t know what they think about every.little.thing. Plus, who needs to know what 480 people think about a thing? Not me.

General mood…roll tide.

That’s enough for now. I’ve got laundry to do.


Go, me. (September Status Update)

Wow. My daily blogging streak lasted all of 13 days.

I went on two camping trips in August and forgot all about the blog.

Then, last week, I received a sweet email from a friend:


Just a quick note to say that I miss your blogging. I was so glad to see you writing again 🙂

Hope you are well.

In Him,
I kid you not, my first thought was, Oh, yeah, I blog. I forgot to blog every day!
I guess with school getting into full-swing, I’ve been really busy and disengaged from anything that isn’t demanding my attention RIGHT NOW. I’m going to rectify that beginning today, not because I feel like I have to blog, but because I want to blog.
The second daily activity I tried to begin again was taking at least one picture each day. I totally failed at that, which means I don’t have very much to show for the three weeks that I didn’t write.
I have a few minutes to spare now that the kids and I have finished up a few school subjects for the morning. At the moment, they are rebelling against differentiating and diagramming predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives, so I sent them to the backyard for the next 15 minutes. Maybe running around will help their brains wake up.
Without further ado, here’s a short status update for September.
Sitting…at the school table.
Reading…a grammar textbook.
Thinking…of another way to explain subjective complements.
Thinking…what’s for lunch?
Anticipating…getting together with other homeschool moms tonight for some conversation, fun games, and coffee.
Also anticipating…FALL!!!! We had a wonderful summer full of activity, fun, and record-setting heat and sweat, but I’m ready for cool days, changing leaves, and my fleece jacket. (Yes, the levels of sweat sweated from my body broke records).
Participating…in a women’s self-defense class this month. We had our first meeting this week. My main take-away: “Head on a swivel.”
Watching…the seconds tick by on my 15 minutes to blog.
Wishing…I had more to share, but I’m at a loss for anything interesting, engaging, or amusing. Plus, I’ve exceeded my 15 minutes.
Lord willing, I’ll blog tomorrow!

Status Update — August

Sitting…on an end of the couch, Bama blanket draped over my legs, book in my lap.

Drinking…a cup of camomile tea

ReadingWild by Cheryl Strayed. “A powerful, blazingly honest memoir: the story of an eleven-hundred-mile solo hike that broke down a young woman reeling from catastrophe — and built her back up again.” A story about backpacking and personal struggle? Yes, please!

Preparing…for a long day of shopping for new clothes and school supplies tomorrow.

Thinking…about everything I need to do to prepare for our new school year. I have 2 weeks to order books and get our room back in order.

Thankful…for friends and family; for skilled surgeons; for this mild summer; for grace.

Thankful…that I didn’t sign the kids up for all of our usual summer activities. We have thoroughly enjoyed not having to be somewhere everyday for a lesson or some other activity. I am glad for our 2 summer camp experiences (Student Life and scout camp). But I do not regret skipping all the other stuff we’ve participated in since my oldest was 6. We really did take a break this summer.

I’m going to get back to my book now. Goodnight!

Status Update: July

Sitting…well, actually, I’m lying down. It is now precisely 3:42 in the AM. I tossed and turned, read some blogs, saw the date, and decided to write an update of my own.

Drinking…nothing, but I may go for a bit of water in a moment. Something in the air affected my allergies, and I did quite a bit of sneezing yesterday. The subsequent post-nasal drip is making me thirsty.

Listening…to Karl’s snoring. One of the kids’ doors just opened, so now I’m listening to make sure he goes back to bed. And now I hear the low tones of an audiobook. Someone else in this house is having trouble sleeping.

Anticipating…a week of fun and adventure with Karl home until July 8. Our calendar is open. I foresee lots of geocaching and book-writing & reading. Y’all, his story is a good one, and the kids and I look forward to each new installment.

Speaking of reading…the kids are all well on their ways to completing their reading goals for the summer. Noah is already finished with his, but he set an easy goal of just 3 books. But he is continuing to read because his mother is a meany who requires reading before gaming.

Enjoying…time with my friends. We all say, “Let’s get together soon,” but time flies, and we never get together. We’ll blink, and summer will be ended. My friends and I were unsuccessful in finding an afternoon or evening time for fellowship, so Karl and I hosted an impromptu brunch Saturday morning. Then yesterday, one of the little girls said to me, “Mrs. Leslie, you know that thing we did at your house when we ate breakfast? I want to do that again!” How sweet is that?

Enjoying…family time, too. Tis the season of many birthdays and reunions. The kids taught me how to play FourSquare at the last reunion. It’s such a fast-paced game; one must be quick or good-natured when the children laugh. i have also learned that I love broccoli salad.

Reading…Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry and Breath for the Bones by Luci Shaw.

Thinking…of something else to share, but coming up short. Remembering the aforementioned books makes me want to read some more of them. I think I’ll get that sip of water and read until I can’t keep my eyes open. I hope it won’t be long.

Can you believe we’re already half-past 2013?! Football season is just around the corner!!

A Personal Update

Whew!! Life has been super-busy these last couple of weeks. We’ve enjoyed family reunions, birthday parties, my wedding anniversary, and summer camp. Life is full and good and blessed.

  •  At the end of May, Karl and I celebrated 15 years of marriage. We dropped the kids off at the grands’ house and spent a couple of days alone. We stayed home, ate out, geocached, and relaxed as much as possible. We had a great time together. After 15 years, we’ve had our fair share of wondering if we even like each other anymore. Well, I can’t speak for Karl. He probably hasn’t ever wondered that because he’s a better person than I am. But when we’re alone and not thinking about work or household chores or kids or what we have to do next, when we’re able to have an uninterrupted conversation, we remember what we like about each other. I’m grateful for grandparents who will take our kids and make fun memories with them.
  • I mentioned Karl and I went geocaching. While we were waiting for our table at Chuy’s, we looked up nearby geocaches. There happened to be one right up the hill, and we decided we had time to find it. We trekked up a very steep hill to an old cemetery. Did you know there was a cemetery hiding on the hill above The Summit? I didn’t either. But there are just a few graves protected by a chain-link fence. I snapped this picture from the summit of The Summit. 🙂

summit of The Summit

The only problem was that we weren’t too sure about walking down the way we walked up. We took the long way around and made it to the restaurant just as our beeper began to light up and vibrate.

  • Summer camp was great! I was able to spend every night and all day Friday at camp. I’m so proud of our scouts — they were awarded Best Overall Troop! I don’t have permission to share online my photos from camp, but I can show you my sleeping arrangements for that week (iPhone pic). If you know me, then you know how much I enjoy sleeping outside. The first few nights at home I really missed the tree frogs and crickets singing me to sleep.

summer camp

  • Tuesday, we celebrated my second child’s 13th birthday. We did whatever he wanted to do that day. If only I had a dime for every time I heard, “It’s mah birfday!”
  • I decided to get back into Instagram. So many of my friends are using it and they don’t always post to facebook, so…I started a new profile. Let me know if you’re on Instagram so I can follow you!

Blogging time is over. The kids are ready to get out of the house for a little while. Thanks for reading!