Garden Spider

As we were heading out the door Friday morning, I spotted a garden spider waiting in her web built in one of my crepe myrtles. I enjoy watching these orb-weavers. Get a little closer…. Advertisements

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Because I let yesterday pass without taking any pictures, I went out-of-my-way today to take a few. I drove outside town to see if the sunflowers were still blooming. The property owner has already transitioned much of his farming area to corn stalks and bean bushes, but there were some flowers remaining. Though most of […]

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Pretty Pine

(crappy iPhone pic) As I was hiking Sunday afternoon, I glanced up to look at the sky. The clouds had cleared to reveal a robin-egg blue. I was thinking about what a nice day it was when something happened that I never expected: I was struck by the beauty of a pine tree. Never before […]

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As my boys were raking the yard Monday afternoon, they found a tiny mushroom beside a pine tree. They thought I’d like to take a picture of it. I didn’t notice the little dew drops on it until I uploaded it tonight.

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