Beginning Oct. 14

Though I haven’t blogged through them all, I’ve participated in almost all of Tim Challies’ initiative, “Reading Classics Together.” The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul is his next book choice. Will you read with me? > Advertisements

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The Bruised Reed, Ch. 1

I’m really surprised by how short this chapter is. Sibbes doesn’t waste any words making a point; he gets right to it. This way of writing lends itself to producing one profound statement or phrase after another. I paused many times to really get it, to ponder where I see a truth manifested in my […]

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Reading Classics Together

Tim’s latest book choice for RCT is Jonathan Edwards’, The Religious Affections. I’m reading it (again) along with him and several others. This past week I read (and listened to) Part I. I think I’m comprehending it better this time around, though I’m still wary of writing anything about it. Tim’s summary and discussion are […]

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The Word of Forgiveness

Man had done his worst. The One by whom the world was made had come into it, but the world knew Him not. The Lord of Glory had tabernacled among men, but He was not wanted. The eyes that sin had blinded saw in Him no beauty that He should be desired. At His birth […]

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