Beginning Oct. 14

Though I haven’t blogged through them all, I’ve participated in almost all of Tim Challies’ initiative, “Reading Classics Together.” The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul is his next book choice. Will you read with me?

4 Comments on “Beginning Oct. 14

  1. Something funny, totally unrelated to this post: So I’m cleaning out my Google Reader and axing blogs that haven’t updated in, oh, you know, YEARS. I noticed one I hadn’t heard from in a long time and saw that it changed names and locations. I click. I see the new title. I realize we’re Twitter buddies. I think, “OH! That Twitter buddy is the same as the gal I used to read online!”

    Your old blog is now out of my reader and your new blog is in.

    And I’m picking up the clue phone.


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