A Carnival is Coming to Lux Venit!

I really wanted to get my post entitled, “Propriety in Our Words” up today. However, piano lessons, school, and other chores conspired to keep me from finishing it. I’ll be playing hostess for the Christian Carnival tomorrow, so I have a bit of blog-work ahead of me tonight. There are about 18 posts submitted so far! I have read several of them already, and many are quite good.

In the meantime, enjoy these cute pictures of my kiddos climbing on some dangerous playground equipment!

Nevermind…blogger isn’t being very bloggity.

4 Comments on “A Carnival is Coming to Lux Venit!

  1. DOH I wanted to see them too. And to know what you thought counted as dangerous playground equipment. (Or was that tongue in cheek)?MML


  2. Hi. Can anybody tell me what Lux Venit means? Especially the word “Venit”. Does it originate in a Germanic language? What is it’s translation?(I ask because I had a dream in which this word was said, but I haven’t been able to find out what it means yet.) Thanks! ~Matty O


  3. I added a little explanation of ‘lux venit’ to my “about me” section at the top of the page. I hope this helps.


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