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Welcome to Christian Carnival CXL! As your hostess/trainer, I hope to guide you on an uplifting tour and work-out.

The Apostle Paul likened the Christian life to that of a runner who runs in a race to win. The runner rigorously trains. Paul also used the metaphor of a soldier. Both the runner and the soldier must train and learn discipline. This week’s carnival offers all that and a PowerBar! Let’s get started!

We can’t get into the gym without first paying our dues and filling out the necessary paperwork. Then, we’ll get out key-card and towels. In the Christian life, however, Jesus has already paid what was owed and we receive “membership” as a free gift! Here are some posts about who Jesus is and what He has done for believers.

Annette Vallenga of Random Thoughts offers a brief look at the first 10 verses of Isaiah 11, a passage she has always found intriguing, to see how what God promised can be seen in the life of Jesus.

Martin LaBar of Sun and Shield asks, “Where does authority come from?” He starts from Judge Taylor’s remark that “There are no hereditary kings in America” (and leaves it quickly) and goes to where Christ gets His authority, using three of the most remarkable verses in the New Testament which indicate what He has authority to do.

Henry Imler of Theology for the Masses offers The Excellence of Man. While humans do have a sinful nature, they are not nearly so wretched as some might think. After all, humans were created and are loved by God.

Karen of The Anchor Hold offers Contrition and being out and owning up to one’s own self.

Marie of The Way I See It reminds us that it is time to celebrate Rosh Hoshana!

Mike of Faith at Work offers us When Heaven Invades Earth Twenty Four Seven! Grounding the Charismatic Hope
in the Resurrection
. Charismatics often struggle secretly with disappointment. Not everyone we pray for gets healed. Not all the financial provision we believe for
arrives. The future revival we had hoped for never seems to materialize
exactly the way we want. Anointed leaders fail to deliver on the promises
they make. Yet, there is one part of this created order where heaven has invaded earth–twenty four seven! It is the resurrected body of Jesus. Rather than being
insecure about our creatureliness, we can be secure in the resurrection of
Jesus and that the gift of the Holy Spirit is now operating in our created
order bringing signs of God’s future into the present as much through normal
everyday Christian experience as through miraculous Christian experience.

On the way to the locker room, we pass the bulletin board. This is where we find class schedules, exercise info, and current events fliers. Here’s what circulating this week. Mark Olson of Pseudo-Polymath brings to our attention the recent pontifical remarks. It is both more interesting in its own right and leaves one somewhat confused as to how anyone might take offense at all.

Grace of This Side of Glory brings us “We will break up the cross.” She takes a look at the threats that radical Islamists are issuing and wonders if they understand something that we’ve forgotten.

A.J. at Put Up Thy Sword! offers his thoughts on the Pope’s remarks in his post Go The Pope. In it, he takes a look past the Moslem controversy to discover the crux of The Pope’s
message, to The West: The need for a philosophical revolution which
reconciles faith with reason.

Ales Rarus, in order to satisfy his own curiosity and his critics, has investigated the recent scientific literature regarding Plan B. Is it abortifacient? This is the first of a series of posts.

First we go downstairs to warm up with a walk around the track and a quick stretch. We’ll discuss our goals and how to stay focused. Patricia at A Better You Blog offers Dream Your Dreams to Achieve Greatness and Inspire the World

Leslie Carbone offers Sunday Morning in Rehoboth

I like to divide up my exercise days into two categories: cardio and weights. Some days I need to burn some extra calories. Other days I want to work on tone and shape. God uses various methods of forming, shaping, and strengthening His children. These posts deal primarily with God’s special care in disciplining His children.

Dave Taylor of Every Thought Captive offers We Are Driven. Some personal reflections on when the Spirit of God drives us into the wilderness—and why.

Laurie Bluedorn offers to help us loosen our Tight Theological Hatbands at Chris Alexion.

Laura at Pursuing Holiness sheds some light with Madonna Commits Blasphemy (Yawn)
The AFA would like Christians to contact NBC and request that they don’t air the upcoming “Hypocrite Formerly Known As Esther” special where she (once again) mocks Jesus and the Christian faith. But are you sure that’s the best way to address the issue?

Barbara of Tidbits and Treasures encourages us with Marinate in the Word. When we marinate in the Word, we become saturated to the core with the Truth of God.

Rebekah of shares some of the good that has come from her sister’s recent death in Dysfunction, Conviction.

Bonnie of Intellectuelle offers The Strength of an Egg. Reflections on an essay by Juliet Frietag regarding the personal strength of parents whose children have cancer. I inquire as to the roles God and other people play in the personal strength of a Christian.

Christine of Fruit in Season has been thinking about Discipline God’s Way. We can learn from how God disciplined Moses as he was traveling with the Israelites in the desert.

Samantha of Uncle Sam’s Cabin offers Strength to Suffer the Consequences. God doesn’t rub it in when we make mistakes. We may have worldly consequences to deal with but we know that God will grant his forgiveness when we seek it.

The cardio area is full of machines. A bike is the best machine to use while reading a good book. Mrs. Bluedorn also offers a review of the Greek-English InterlinearNew Testament at Trivium Pursuit.
Do your children suffer from “nature-deficit disorder”? This week at Light Along the Journey John explores the role of God’s creation in our lives in his review of the book Last Child in the Woods.

The weight room offers many selections. You’ve got your free weights and machines, some for upper body, some for lower body. Some require greater strength than others. Take your pick!
Joseph Colannino presents THE INSUFFICIENCY OF SIMPLE RULES IN ORIGINATING COMPLEX LIFE / J. Colannino posted at Joseph Colannino. Joseph Colannino presents ON THE NATURE OF GOD/ J. Colannino posted at Joe Colannino’s Non-Random Thoughts.

Amanda at Imago Dei offers Multiple-Choice God. In this post, she looks at a new survey called, “American Piety in the 21st Century,” that reveals that Americans believe in four basic types of deity. One good thing she thinks this survey does is to dispel the notion that the religion of Americans is uniform.

John Howell of Brain Cramps for God presents Four Gods of America in which he takes a look at a Baylor University study based on a poll on how Americans view God and religion.

This facility also offers specialized classes for more advanced workouts, like Boot Camp, 15-Minute Abs, and Pilates. Feel the burn!

Karl of Noneya (as in noneya business) offers his thoughts on the parallels between the seeker-sensitive mindset and personally-tailored entertainment on-demand with the post The Church as Entertainment Media.

Andre of Every Square Inch offers an equally challenging post in Does God Want You To Be Rich?. Time magazine’s cover story asks the provocative question and reports on the wide variance of opinion on this topic. Is the answer found in simply more sermons about money or is there a fundamental understanding of the gospel that is in question here?

Jack Yoest presents The Lie: A Guide to Fibbing in the Job Interview posted at Jack Yoest. An ancient Jewish Proverb goes, “He that covers his sins shall not prosper.” There seems to be a disturbing trend that hiring managers are facing: job candidates who lie.

Mick at Romans 15:4 Project asks, “Life, is it to be taken for granted?”

David Ker of Lingamish offers a challenging post looking at how a difficult and even unpleasant book in the Old Testament can still find a place in Christian devotion in his post, Misogyny in the book of Judges.

Jeremy, a.k.a. “Parableman,” says some people have been arguing that giving an explanation for where homosexuality comes from amounts to excusing it. That simply is not true. Explaining its cause is separate from the moral issues, and people on both sides ought to keep that in mind. Read Explaining Is Not Excusing.

The Participatory Bible Study Blog offers lessons from Psalm 104. This psalm provides us with an additional story of creation, one that assures us that God is not only transcendent and sovereign, and was not only temporarily interested at some time in the
past, but is present in every detail of life. (This post starts a series challenging us to find different ways to transform that message for modern audiences.)

A Penitent Blogger offers
a reflection on unity and God-given differences within the body of Christ entitled, Diversities.

Following a good work-out, it is always beneficial to relax and reflect and enjoy the good feelings that come from working hard and getting a little dirty. David of All Kinds of Time has returned from a rebuilding trip to New Orleans. He shares his thoughts and insights on New Orleans, post-Katrina, in Smoking in New Orleans.

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