Christmas Pictures, Part 5a

Christmas 2003. Hannah was 4, Benjamin was 3, Noah was 23 months, and Abbey was 3 months. Our family is complete. These are the pictures from a studio. We also made some at home, which I will post later. (They are great!) Anyway, every picture has a story and the stories around this year’s Christmas picture always make me laugh. They didn’t at the time, but they sure do now! Benjamin and Hannah provide the comic relief for this year.

As we were preparing for this picture session, Benjamin and Noah started an argument with one another and began to fight. Benjamin was on the floor for some reason when Noah kicked a lightsaber in his direction and it popped him in the eye. His brow burst open and we had to take him to get stitches. Only three this time. Needless to say, we had to reschedule our appointment at the studio. I think this picture is about a week after the “accident.”

Sweet, little Hannah…my artistic child, loves to draw, paint, cut and paste whatever she can get her hands on. Days before our photo op, she decided it would be nice to prune her eyebrows. You can see the nice gaps better in the picture above and in the ones we made at home. I didn’t notice immediately what she had done to herself. I remember standing at the stove when Hannah came into the kitchen to show me something. I looked at her and said, “Something looks different about you. Hmm. No, don’t move. Let me look at you for a minute. Something’s not right.” It took me a minute, but I finally noticed the big spaces she made in her eyebrows! I tried to color then in, but I’m not so good with color matching and makeup.

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