Christmas Pictures, Part 5b

No one was ready for this one. Clearly, Benjamin has had enough of taking pictures. Abbey, at a few months of age, hasn’t a clue about anything. And for some reason, the bottom of the picture is cut off–(sigh) Blogger.

We never managed a picture of all four of them together, so I guess it’s good that we made it to the studio a few days later.

I just had to include this one. He’s so cute!

Sisters. Can you see her eyebrow job? “Ice, ice, baby!”

This photo demonstrates that telling your children to say “cheese” is no guarantee that they will all smile at the same time. Noah is saying, “ch.” Benjamin is obviously giving us an intense, “eeee.” Hannah (only 4 years old!) has mastered saying cheese and smiling at the same time. We’re so proud! You know, that milestone may be helpful to include in all those popular child development books.

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Pictures, Part 5b

  1. Your kids are just *so* cute. I’m really enjoying all the Christmas pics. I’m tempted to look into the auqafor you mentioned and see if it’s better than Vaseline. Do you think it’s worth the price? My daughter and I are both having a pretty hard time now that the weather has gotten colder. My eczema went into remission for several years and for some reason it’s back with a vengence on my hands and legs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  2. Taking pictures with kids is the HARDEST thing ever! Absolute torture! Still, they did pretty well! Janet


  3. Amy–aquaphor seems thicker and heavier than vaseline does to me. More than just moisturizing, it will create a barrier on your skin. Check for those extra ingredients, though, that may irritate your’s and chicky’s skin.


  4. Great pictures, love the eyebrows! That is funny. BTW, Your wedding dress picture is beautiful.PS-I have also found Auqafor to help w/eczema.


  5. Look at you in your dress! I love it. Thanks so much for the pictures. They are too cute – and the eyebrows are ‘to die for’! Hey Leslie. Don’t worry we didn’t have a sleepover – we just stayed late over at a friends’ house talking. Kim is notorious for doing her makeup in the car and she left it in there! You should come up and visit sometime and hang out with us – seriously!


  6. Leslie I love your profile pic! How *gooorgussss* you are (can you hear my drawl?)Your pictures have left me with a smile everyday! I am going to post some of mine when I get out my Christmas stuff. I put out pictures from every Christmas card in different frames when I decorate for the season.Your daughter’s eyebrow art is hysterical! I totally agree at the impossibility in getting all of them in a smile at the same time. I usually have Chris behind me *performing* so that at least they are all looking the same direction!Have a wonderful weekend with your family!


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