Christmas Pictures, Part 7

Finally, we come to Christmas 2005! Hannah was 6, Benjamin was 5, Noah was 3, and Abbey was 2. Here are a few choice pics.

I hope you bloggers have enjoyed looking back through our Christmas photos as much as I have. Remembering is a wonderful exercise. I am coming away from this series of posts reminded of the pit from which I was rescued, God’s grace poured out on me through Christ, and the hope I have for eternity. Our family grew quickly. We had to make adjustments every year. It hasn’t been easy. I am tempted to think it is all about what I am doing to grow them and help them to love God. But the truth is that, while I am working hard, I know that God has used these four little people so much more to work out my own devotion to Him. And I am so thankful.

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Pictures, Part 7

  1. Isn’t that the truth…I know for me,the more children I have had,the more I see my own sinfulness and despair…it is only by God’s grace that He brings about His purposes in my life. Thanks for sharing all your cute pictures! Now,what will be on this years????


  2. What a beautiful post Leslie. I have really enjoyed this “little series” of yours, the pictures are such a treasure!


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