Christmas Pictures, Part 6

Christmas 2004. Hannah was 5, Benjamin was 4, Noah was almost 3, and Abbey was about 16 months. We made several attempts at pictures on different days. Enjoy!

Everyone is waiting patiently for Abbey to stop wailing. Those facial expressions are priceless! I think Abbey was upset because we tied her to the little rocking chair. Don’t worry. No children were harmed in the making of these pictures.
Hubby solved the problem by giving her a piece of peppermint.
Here, Abbey expresses her desire for more peppermint. (This is the one we used!)
Sit back down!
Guess which one is ready to stop?

What a smile!

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4 Comments on “Christmas Pictures, Part 6

  1. I love these! Esp the first one. Your little ones are adorable….any more in the near future? Just curious….


  2. Okay, this series is making me feel better. I’ve tried for three weeks to get a flattering photo of my 2.5 year old and newbie and have literally taken two hundred photos with just a few mediocre ones to show for it. I haven’t given up. Our Christmas cards will be New Years cards, obviously.I can’t imagine trying to get four to smile and look a the camera at the same time! I can’t even get my one son to do that!Also, now that I’ve gone from the ease of one child to two (yikes), I’m thinking you’re amazing with your four, spaced so close together. Merry Christmas!!


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