2006: A Pictorial Review

January: Family vacation to the Smoky Mountains.

February: Celebrating Parker’s safe return from his second tour of duty in Iraq.

March: Azaleas in bloom.

April: Field trip to Little Corner of Greece.

May: I started blogging and my first post included a picture.

June: Celebrating Benjamin at Tannehill State Park.

July: Celebrating Granddaddy.

August: Celebrating Abbey.

September: Studying Ancient China.

October: Boo at the Zoo.

November: Giving Thanks.

December: Christmas at Grandmommy’s.

For more pictorial reviews, visit Amanda at following an unknown path.

4 Comments on “2006: A Pictorial Review

  1. I love it!! Thanks for “playing along.” So, glad you started blogging and that somehow I stumbled upon your blog. Your kids a beautiful. What great blessings God has given you!Happy 2007!!


  2. What a great idea, loved seeing your year in review with pictures! Thanks Leslie and Happy New Year.


  3. The *July* picture of “Celebrating Grandaddy” is precious. Seeing all those grandchildren gathered around must have really been a blessing to your grandmother. Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂


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