Our "New" Bathroom

After about an hour perusing colors, we decided on green (for our jungle/safari theme) and I lamented the fact that I didn’t go to the Depot with a plan. We started working Wednesday evening. We worked until the wee hours of each morning, with one exception. Thursday. We took a break from painting to watch the last four episodes of 24: Season 5. You may recall that we do not subscribe to any cable service. Well, we Netflix 24, and the last DVD showed up in the mail on Thursday. We HAD to watch it. And let me just say that I can’t believe Jack fell for that “Kim is on the phone for you” story after what happened earlier in the day. Come on, Jack! What happened to your instincts?! (Sigh.) I’ve got to make friends with a 24-watcher with a VCR before the next season starts.

OK. Back to the bathroom. We were a bit concerned with the seafoam green on the walls. The color didn’t exactly look quite so bright in the store, but after we added all the little touches it came together nicely. Here are the pictures:

The cabinets are a dark green. I like the way these turned out.

This is a view from across the hall. The camera isn’t really capturing the color well. It’s too bright to photograph well or something. The little hand towels have a monkey and an elephant on them. All of this stuff came from Target, except for the wall appliques–I found them on clearance at some website. The shower curtain has several different animals on it with palm trees and little blue pools.

The trim work and the louvered doors were mostly my responsibility. Karl doesn’t enjoy the details as much as just going crazy with a roller. He even painted the hallway–not green, though. His arms are killing him, by the way.

Real bamboo.

Around the shower which I didn’t have time to caulk before the party.

I was completely surprised when I realized the green on the walls matched the green on the stuff from Target. This made me very happy and the kids like their new bathroom.

5 Comments on “Our "New" Bathroom

  1. I love it! I really like the color of your cabinets :)Cute theme and I love all the little details. You guys did a great job!


  2. It looks great, and I bet your kids are pretty thrilled too 🙂 Happy New Year Leslie!


  3. Great job to you both! I love the color of the cabinets too. Happy New Year!


  4. It looks great! You did it so quickly! By the way, we watch 24 and I can video or DVD it and mail it to you if you want! The new season starts January 14th!


  5. Love the bathroom! (We have the same Target stuff and our walls are painted the same green.) Happy New Year!


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