Boys and Girls

Yesterday the kids weren’t getting along very well. Hannah decided that she didn’t want the boys in her room anymore. So, she set about creating a sign…just in case they forgot.

After a little while, she realized how much she missed her brothers, so she changed her sign. The new sign indicated that boys may enter her domain as long as “they are nice.”

The boys were allowed back into her room. A while later, however, there was a commotion about…well, a smell. So, Hannah had to create some strict rules about what boys are allowed (or, rather, not allowed) to do in her room.

Then, she felt the need to be more detailed…

Here is the male response:

I thought you might enjoy the pictorial evidence of how our first week of summer is progressing…I was just thrilled that Hannah spelled most of those words correctly.


16 thoughts on “Boys and Girls

  1. LOL, who needs comedy channels on TV when your kids are around! How funny and sweet, can you imagine the kick they’ll get out of reading this post in 20 years time!I just switched to Google reader too recently, it is much better than bloglines, I love that you can have everything on your homepage with Google.


  2. Now, that is funny! Sounds like your summer is going about like mine. It’s so hot out, I can’t send them out for too long, and they’re fighting too much for it to be this early in the summer!!No tooting. Wish I could enforce that rule at my house!!


  3. oh that IS funny! : ) What we have to look forward to! BUT, for now, the girls outnumber the boys….so maybe we have a chance?! ; )


  4. This is great! As a mom of all boys, I often forget the girl perspective. I need another fix of pink–can Hannah come over? I promise to abide by her rules! So funny.


  5. Absolutely precious!About your profile:Rush Lindbaugh listed under favorite music?? I must have missed the album, heh-heh.Fun blog.


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