Carnival of Beauty ???

The only submission for this week’s carnival comes from Scribblings By Blair. I hope you enjoy her Scribblings about a rained out trip to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor fireworks display, which lead Blair to the realization that more of us should let Him talk for a change.

And a late addition….

AllyJo’s Erudition offers a post entitled Every Good, Perfect and Free Gift.

3 Comments on “Carnival of Beauty ???

  1. I had a feeling this week would be small being the week of the 4th. . . . even I didn’t get a chance to post but that was due to finals, not celebrating independence. :)Thanks for hosting even though it was very small. 🙂


  2. uh oh . . . both of these links go to the wrong post . . . they both go to blair’s CoB post from last week about humility.


  3. Thanks for letting me know, Amanda. I just used the links she sent in the email assuming they were the right ones. I wondered why the post didn’t say anything about letting God speak. I fixed it!


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